Top 5 Best Summer Time Party Decorations

Summer Vacation is an excellent time to celebrate. With school out and the weather getting warmer, many jump to plan exotic trips to beachside resorts. Unfortunately, with these resorts anticipating the sudden influx of tourism, price jacking can make this vacation option out of reach for many people’s budgets. With a little decoration, though, any locale can be turned into a tropical resort that provides the perfect atmosphere for your own tropical summer party. Save your wallet the hurt of vacationing to the beach by bringing the beach to you with some awesome decorations. This works especially well if you have a pool accessible!

1. Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

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Note that the above video does not show this exact cooler, but rather a smaller tabletop version. Still, this kid’s sentiments regarding how awesome this cooler is definitely applies to the available full size version. This version is 4 feet tall and offers room for over 50 beers or sodas, plus multiple bags of ice to keep them cool. The palm tree is a refreshing symbol of beachside relaxation that will transport you and your party guests to the Florida Keys.

Price: $18.63 (37 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler here.

2. Game Underwater Light Show and Fountain

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This Underwater Light Show and Fountain by Game provides a two-part show for those who have a swimming pool to utilize it. Party goers will be wowed by the swirling light show underwater, which hits the pool floor and walls in 8 different patterns. On the water’s surface, the floating decoration puts on a 2 foot tall fountain show as well, lit up by the same LEDs that power the underwater lights. This decoration will be sure to dazzle for any pool party occasion.

Price: $31.91 (20 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Game Underwater Light Show and Fountain here.

3. GoPong Pool Pong Lounge

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Yes, this is another party decoration that requires a pool to function, but this is also a must for any adult party where a pool can be found. The Pool Pong Lounge takes drinking games to the water, with a 10 cup rack on each side for any variant of beer pong to be played. The float is 6 feet long and has cup holders down the side for spectators or social floating. It also a quick deflate/inflate opening allowing for speedy setup. Be sure to play with water in the cups and drinks on the side, or else you’ll be drinking as much chlorine as alcohol!

Price: $34.99

Buy the GoPong Pool Pong Lounge here.

4. Bamboo Tiki Torches

summer vacation ideas, party supplies, summer vacation, summer parties

In whatever setting you plan to have your summer party, tiki torches are an absolute must. They are easy to set up and nifty to have year-round, which makes it even more convenient that they can be refilled with most torch oils. Oil is not included in this set, and the smaller canisters mean refilling between every other use, so be sure to prepare for that. These torches stand 4 feet tall, and come in packs from 10 to 36 to accommodate any size backyard.

Price: $24.99 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy some Bamboo Tiki Torches here.

5. Tropical Fish Decorations

summer vacation ideas, party supplies, summer vacation, summer parties

For those who only have an indoor location for their summer vacation party, it can be a bit tricky to make some of these decorations work. Fear not, though, for even traditional tissue paper decorations can transform a room from boring to beach with these vibrant fish decorations. This set includes 6 hanging fish, each measuring to 10″. If you can, hang them by a ceiling fan and watch them gently swim across the ceiling.

Price: $7.03

Buy some Tropical Fish Decorations here.

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