Sonya Curry, Steph’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steph Curry's mom Sonya


Steph Curry’s mom nearly broke Twitter when she was shown on TV multiple times during the Golden State Warriors win over the Houston Rockets. The hottest player in the NBA’s mother is former professional volleyball player Sonya Curry, 48.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She’s Married to Former NBA Player Dell Curry

Dell Curry wife

Dell Curry pictured with his son. (Getty)

She’s married to Steph’s father, former NBA player Dell Curry. The couple have three children together, Steph being the oldest. Their other son, Seth, plays in the D-League with the Erie Bay Hawks. He previously played college ball at Duke. They have one daughter, Sydel, who accompanied her mother to the playoff came between the Warriors and the Rockets. Sydel was the captain of her high school volleyball team. All three children attended the Charlotte Christian School.

2. During High School, Sonya Was a State Champion in Volleyball & Basketball

Sonya Curry was a volleyball and basketball star at Virginia Tech, where she met Dell Curry. During her high school days, at Radford High, Sonya won state championships in both disciplines. She married Dell in 1988 and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. The couple said in an interview in 2013 that she and her husband didn’t let their kids play competitively until they were in middle school. They added that they never wanted their kids to feel pressured into playing sports.

3. She Taught Steph at Her Montessori School in North Carolina

Living Montessori: Stephen Curry & FamilyNBA superstar Stephen Curry, and his remarkable family, tell us how a Montessori education has helped shape their outlook on life in an exclusive interview, filmed at the Christian Montessori School at Lake Norman where Stephen's mother, Sonya Curry, is the head of school.2013-10-26T01:14:31.000Z

Sonya runs a Montessori school named the Christian Montessori School in Lake Norman, North Carolina. As a youth, Steph, and his siblings all attended that school. The school was a family affair, in addition to his siblings and his mother being there, Steph said his aunt was a teacher and his grandmother was the cook. According to the school’s website, it was founded in 1995 by Dell and Sonya. She was featured extensively in a 2013 article in Montessori Life.

4. Steph Curry Owes Her $100 for Every Turnover He Makes During a Game

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors will finish as the top team in the Western Conference. (Getty)


Just prior to the 2015 All-Star Game, Sonya said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle that she fines Steph for every turnover he has in a game. She told the Chronicle “It’s a verbal contract. Steph likes a challenge.” Steph owes him mom $100 for every turnover in a game. He’s allowed three chances, but after that Steph has to pay up. He said about it “It keeps me on edge every game. I know she’s going to text me or have some witty one-liner about what she’s going buy.” The Chronicle says that payment is made at the end of the season, usually in the form of a gift, clothing, that Steph buys for his mother with the advice of his wife, Ayesha.

5. Sonya Uses the Bible to Motivate Her Son

She told Yahoo Sports in 2013 that that year’s Mother’s Day was her best ever as on the same day she saw one son graduate from Duke and Steph won a playoff game over the Spurs. Sonya said that Steph’s win was particularly satisfying because he had been struggling with an ankle injury at the time. Speaking to Yahoo Sports, Sonya said she used a motivational tactic on him:

I always look up a [Bible] scripture for him in tough times. This has been tough on him as far as the physical beating. He’s hurting. I gave him a scripture saying that you can’t do it physically, but spiritually. Trust God to do it. Worry about Sunday when Sunday gets here.

He has nothing more to prove. They’ve done a lot. But he takes on everything 200 percent. I tell him not to burden himself. He can’t do everything.

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