Tywanza Sanders Photos: Pictures of Emanuel AME Church Victim


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TrixieFire (@anaislynne)

News reported he had just graduated with a business degree. “Aspiring Rappers” don’t usually go to college let alone get a GED. They need street cred of gang membership, take a few bullits, ect. Why is EVERY young black man an aspiring rapper or b-baller? I really wanted to be the next Cindy Crawford, but being only 5’4, I realized my aspirations were not attainable. Too bad he had no chance of getting a real job


This is all you could do after such tragedy. Not every Rapper glorifies violence. He could of been aspiring to be a gospel rapper or conscious rapper. Says a lot about you that all you got from this man being a graduate is that he had no chance of getting a real job. Says who? Also, not all black men aspire to be rappers or basketball players. Here you go stereotyping black men. My brother who is the same age as this young man graduated from college with a degree in mechanical engineering and is now an engineer with a very reputable company, and he is black. That’s like me saying every young white kid aspire to be a mass shooter. This is such a tragedy and even so, you chose to attack this young mans character.

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