How to Report ISIS Affiliated Twitter Accounts

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Want to join the fight against the Islamic State from home? Their key to recruiting is their social media presence. Help fight terrorists online with Ghost Security.

According to their website:

Ghost Security is an internationally based nonprofit counter terrorism organization that specializes in combating terrorism on the digital front lines of today utilizing the internet and social media as a weapon for change. Our operations consist of collecting real time threat intelligence, reporting of potential terror attacks against governments and citizens, slowing the online recruitment of terrorist groups and silencing the spread of propaganda and hate.

You can donate to Ghost Security here.

If you’re looking to help them, you can go on Twitter looking for pro-Islamic State Twitter accounts. Once you find one that you think is meant to facilitate terrorism to extremists, simply report the account to Ghost Security here.

isis, isil, is, islamic state, daesh, syria, iraq, terrorism

(Ghost Security)

At the top left of the page, you will see the above screencap. Type in the information and click “Report.” You can also report entire websites, too.

What does Ghost Security do to the Twitter accounts and websites proven to be managed by terrorists? Twitter accounts are targeted, reported to Twitter, and taken down. Websites are attacked in a variety of ways that can be read about here.

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