Beebo, Hands Free Bottle Holder, on ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner


Beebo, a free hand bottle holder entered the Shark Tank. Heavy interviewed founder Martin Hill about his company created with parents and babies in mind. Here is what he told us about…

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How He Got the Idea

When our little boy was about 7 months old, he became very distracted during feedings, mostly by his big sister and things going on around him – and he was difficult to give a bottle to. My wife and I noticed that he was calm when we read to him and his big sister, so I decided to make something for myself to hold the bottle in place so I could read with my free hand. I made the first prototype in my garage and used it. He took to it immediately, fed perfectly, and I had a free hand!

Making the 1st Prototype

It probably took me a few days (well actually, some very late nights!) to make my first prototype in my garage. As soon as I started to see the genuine excitement from friends and family who saw it, it really got me thinking that I might have created something special. I made and designed the Beebo just to make my own life easier, and it grew from there.

Consulting With Pediatricians

During the design of my very first prototype, no research at all went into it! I had an idea, and I used my engineering skills and MacGyver know-how to make my idea into a reality. Once the product started to progress into a real product, that is when we started consulting with pediatricians and feeding specialists to ensure the Beebo was not only highly functional, but also very safe. Everyone we showed it to loved it and got genuinely excited about the product. We still LOVE to see people’s reactions when they see it for the first time. As soon as we show that the bottle holder rotates, people’s jaws literally drop open!

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How His ‘Tank’ Appearance Came About

I am a huge fan of the show and watch it every week. During Shark Tank Season 6, they promoted the fact that this year they were going to be holding casting calls in Miami early in 2015. We live about an hour or so north of Miami, and I was all set to receive my very first container load of product right around this time. Also, I thought it would be a great life experience to go down to the casting calls and pitch the Beebo. I practiced and memorized a 60-second pitch, drove down to Miami early in the morning and stood in line all day with hundreds of other hopefuls. I nailed my pitch and got a call back two days later. That is when the work really begins!

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