Heidi Ho After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With the Owner

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Heidi Ho brought its plant-based vegan cheese alternative to the Shark Tank and struck a deal with Lori. We interviewed founder Heidi Lovig back when she entered the Tank in Season 6. In July, we talked to her again and learned that the company is expected to grow by 400 percent since the show. Today, we caught up with her for the third time and she updated us on how far she’s come. Here’s what she told us about…

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New Developments

There are always new developments at Heidi Ho. We have a couple of great new products in Research and Development. They will be launching in 2016.

Their Newest Addition to the Product Line

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Our Ne Chevre is doing really well out there. Right now there are no new flavors of Ne Chevre but I think in the future I will play with it.

Lori’s Continued Involvement

Yes, she is still very involved. In fact, we are having dinner tonight to discuss growth strategy and how to capture the demand that is out there for Heidi Ho! She is such a gem. We would not be where we are without her. She stays very involved in Heidi Ho!

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Launching in More Stores

We’ve grown so much this year. We are launching in Sprouts this month as well as 200 Safeway stores in Northern California. We are in talks with a lot of major retailers. We have to be strategic with this rocket ship!

Interested in Heidi Ho? Buy it here.

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