Martin Shkreli Photos: Pictures of Medical CEO’s Life

A former Wall Street hedge fund investor has attracted the ire of humanity after it emerged that he raised the price of an anti-AIDS drug by over 5,000 percent, overnight. The CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals Martin Shkreli, 32, an Albanian-American, bought the rights to Daraprim in August 2015. At the time, prominent AIDS charities warned of a possible price increase.

In a charm offensive, Shkreli went on the major news networks to justify his decision. Shkreli claims that he bought the rights to the drug so that more research can be done on Daraprim to make it more effective. In the meantime, he needs to raise the price to make it a useful asset. Prior to his taking control of Daraprim, it retailed at $13.50 per tablet, now it's priced at $750.

Here are the photos of Shkreli's life as a CEO that you need to see:

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