Bill Cosby Accusers List: Names, Photos & Stories of His 55 Alleged Victims


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i think all these woman lied about the situation. they all got paid for their service. so get over it.

Reality check

How does this work,, do you have to be a woman to wanna get paid? Do you actually have to prove you met bill at some point? Is there a time limit or a legal process you have to go through or can I just say what ever when ever?
What if I claim it happened repeatedly,, can I still cry for money if I kept coming back for more.
What if I just heard about all the others getting a piece of the pie, can I still get a slice too?

If a woman has sex with a man and he writes her a check,, if the check bounces,, is that rape?


I suppose you think Hitler was just misunderstood. Cosby is a raping asshole who should be in jail.

Robert Carr

I am a bit shocked by the lack of empathy of many men regarding the Cosby victims. The pop icon’s past character would attract most anyone to spend time with him if the opportunity was there. How would these same insensitive men feel if they were visiting Cosby for a beer and basketball chat and the next morning found themselves partly dressed with a bleeding anus? I have a name for Cosby. I call him the “Sandman Rapist” a concept I never heard of before other than in the insect world. I am glad he didn’t bite off the victims heads! Maybe he did medically speaking? I loved Cosby. He brought much laughter into our living room by way of TV. We were grateful. Now it doesn’t seem to matter. So we are sad, angry. We are disappointed that humanity can’t get too far away from a dinosaur’s track. Bob

Elizabeth Brody

Which victims Bob? The ones who passed through Gloria Allred’s phone screening and auditioned for the part? Stop fooling yourself. There is smoke with some of these accusations, but every attorney in LA know’s Allred is the driving force behind recruiting and transitioning common frauds into weeping victims of Cosby. It’s right in front of your eyes. Don’t let the Frankenstein pitchfork mob rule your thoughts. Get over your “sadness” why don’t you and feel sad instead for the National Enquirer mentality of your fellow citizens steeped in hate?


Look at Helen Hayes. Supposedly he grabbed her breast ln 1974. Nothing more.

Elizabeth Brody

But why are you not in favor of jailing liars giving false testimony? Let’s be fair. Send the ex-cons of Gloria Allred back to jail. Course, she’ll never let them on the stand to begin with since they would have to perjure themselves, yes? It’s all about critical mass for a lawsuit asking over $150 million.

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