EZPeeZ, No Deal, But Surge in Pre-Orders After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Owner

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EZPeeZ, a toilet seat lid to help kids potty train, did not get a deal in the Shark Tank. At the time, Heavy interviewed Brian Kleinschmidt about the company he started after potty training his daughter. As his episode re-airs, we spoke to him again and he shared the story of the company’s tremendous growth as the product is getting ready to hit shelves. “Even if you don’t get a deal in the Tank, the business/idea can still be very successful. Shark Tank was just a small detour on the journey of EZPeeZ. Exciting roads await…enjoy the ride,”. he said. Here is what else he told us about..

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Progress Following the ‘Tank’

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The positive response from the exposure on Shark Tank has been incredible. America absolutely loves the idea of EZPeeZ! Immediately after the first airing, pre-orders were over 5,000 and viewers could not wait to purchase. We got another couple of thousand pre-orders in the weeks that followed. Getting on Shark Tank is not just about getting a deal; it’s about getting exposure. I look at every result in life as either promotion or protection and Shark Tank wasn’t the right path for my product. I am currently working with a private investor who loves the idea of EZPeeZ and has the skills, knowledge and experience to get this product on every major retail shelf around the world.

How Not Getting the Sharks’ Approval Fueled His Fire

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For some reason they didn’t see the vision of EZPeeZ. This product is going to be huge with or without them. I’m looking forward to proving them wrong and succeeding. I’m just sorry they missed the boat. I never take ‘no’- I look at ‘nos’ as ‘not yets’- for an answer, so by them passing on EZPeeZ, it just fueled my fire even more to make this product a success and change the way the world potty trains.

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