How to Watch the Powerball Drawing Livestream

powerball megamillions

This is what the Powerball Mega Millions webpage, where you’ll be watching the livestream online, looks like. (Powerball Megamillions)

Even though the epic $1.5 billion Powerball drawing is over, you can still be a millionaire. If you want to watch the Powerball drawing online live tonight at 10:59 pm Eastern/9:59 pm Central, this is what you’ll need to do.

You can livestream it only at the Powerball MegaMillions website.

Click here to watch the live stream.

However, don’t wait until the last minute to visit the website and think you’ll be able to watch the drawing. There is likely going to be a record number of people visiting and trying to watch at the same time. Powerball MegaMillions suggests that you open the page at least a few hours before the drawing is scheduled to take place and just leave the page open on your computer. If you want to visit other pages on the website, visit them in a different browser window. The drawing may have a delay of 10 to 20 seconds due to processing the livestream. (Note: At times, the livestream is having trouble connecting. If you cannot access the livestream, look for the winning numbers on the most recent posts by this reporter.)

Powerball also has two official apps that access its livestream. You can access the Apple app here and the Android app here.

You might also like to know that a channel on YouTube posts a video of every drawing online after it happens. That channel is here, and you’ll be able to watch a video of the drawing there later if you miss it when it happens.

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