How to Track Snow Plows in Maryland

snow plow tracker

Here’s how to track snow plowed roads and road conditions in Maryland. (Getty)

What are the road conditions like in Maryland? How do you know which roads have been plowed and salted? If you live in Maryland, then you’ve likely experienced more than two feet of snow since Winter Storm Jonas rolled in. The record-breaking blizzard may be one of the strongest in U.S. recorded history. Maryland residents, however, will also want to keep track of snow plows when they’re getting ready to head back out into civilization once the blizzard clears off.

Here’s where you can find more information about snow plows in your area. Please note that some users have mentioned that some of these sites are down intermittently due to a high volume of visitors:

Harford County: Here is the snow plow tracker for Harford County. First you’ll have to click “accept” and then you will be taken to a map that shows planned, in progress, and completed roads.

Howard County: The Howard County snow plow tracker and road condition map is here. The map is updated every 15 minutes.

Montgomery County: The map for Montgomery County is here. You’ll need to reference the legend to make sense of the map, since emergency roads, primary neighborhood roads, and neighborhood roads are colored differently.

Prince George County: Prince George County’s snow plow map is here. The map shows roads that are untreated, plowed, salted, in progress, and plowed and salted. NOTE: Unfortunately, the Prince George County snow plow tracker site has been down, according to the county’s website. You can go here to request snow removal. They also suggest visiting this link to view County traffic cameras.

To track snow plows in other areas, please see:

For more information on the blizzard and to see photos, please read:

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