POLL: Who ‘Won’ the Dem Town Hall?

Bernie Sanders town hall, Democratic town hall, New Hampshire town hall

Bernie Sanders talks to voters at Wednesday’s town hall. (Getty)

With Bernie Sanders polling way ahead in New Hampshire, the Democratic Presidential candidates had one last chance to convince Granite State voters in a town hall forum hosted by Anderson Cooper for CNN. Rather than a debate, the event was a “town hall” format, allowing each candidate to answer questions at their own speed.

Read our recap below, then vote for your winner in our poll at the bottom of the page:

Health Care

Hillary reaffirmed her commitment to the Affordable Care Act:

Racial Inequality

Sanders said that “no one would fight harder” to end institutional racism, and pointed to his efforts protesting school segregation:

Foreign Policy/Military

Bernie Sanders talked about his judgment regarding foreign policy in response to a question about foreign policy experience:

He admitted, though, that Congress “should have done better” regarding the VA scandal, which occurred under his tenure as the chair of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee:

When asked if she would commit to a completely non-interventionist foreign policy, Clinton explicitly declined:


An audience member asked about Sanders’s calling his campaign a “revolution” and his “my-way-or-the-highway” style. Sanders responded that he’d “compromised significantly” with Republicans like John McCain to pass veterans’ legislation.

On the question of progressivism, Sanders attacked Hillary’s progressive credentials:

He had a similar message regarding President Obama:

Hillary denounced Sanders’s attempt to be the “gatekeeper” of the progressive label:

She also rhetorically asked Sanders to name “one thing” where Wall Street has influenced her:

Regarding his electability, Sanders talked about the energy his campaign had rallied:


Sanders had harsh words for Donald Trump:

Meanwhile, Clinton denounced the Republicans for not “giving up” on Benghazi:


Giving context to his statements about organized religion, Sanders called faith a guiding principle of his life:

Bernie also had a joke regarding Larry David’s spot-on impersonation of him, and denounced a folk album he recorded in 1987:


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Clinton spoke like a lawyer just going on and on about nothing. Sanders was clear a d concice.

Mathias Stewart

Sanders CLEARLY won the town hall meeting on Feb 3 2016. Every poll such as this one states the same, CNN ALWAYS says the opposite, ALWAYS why is that??


CNN is a contributor to Hillary’s campaign. CNN also always has her last at these town halls and always gives her an opportunity rebuttle Bernies statements! ( last night the big money Wall St comments and the progressive comment) Going first Bernie never gets these opportunities! CNN is absolutely horrible! They ran for weeks with the headline that Bernie was going to raise taxes yet never mentioning the end of payroll deductions for medical and saving the middle class thousands! They are bent on the liar, they are part of the problem not the solution!!! The people need to make change happen and demand better. We won’t get any help only resistance!!

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