New York Crane Collapse: The Videos You Need to See

A crane collapsed in lower Manhattan, trapping at least one driver in his car and killing at least one worker on the scene. The collapse happened Friday morning around 8:30 a.m., the New York Post reported. The crane was swinging a wrecking ball when it fell on Worth Street between West Broadway and Church Street. Several cars nearby were crushed. (You can see photos of the crane collapse here.) The video posted below shows raw footage just moments after the crane collapsed in Tribeca Lower Manhattan.

The crane had “Bay Crane” printed on its side, New York Daily News reported. Bay Crane has not commented or said if they had a crane in operation at this time. Bay Crane was involved in an accident last summer where a crane cable snapped and a 10-ton air conditioner fell 30 stories.

Next is additional footage of the crane collapse. One person said: “I could hear bending metal, I think it hit the side of the building.”

The video on this tweet shows the entire length of the crane, along with cars crushed underneath:

And this video posted on Twitter was taken from the 21st floor of a building overlooking the collapse:

To see a Periscope video from the scene, visit this link.