Total Tie Keep After No ‘Shark Tank’ Deal: Interview With Owner

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Total Tie Keep entered the Shark Tank in Season 7 with its novel method to keeping ties looking neat. The company makes a strip of fabric that attaches the tie to the shirt using the buttons.

Back then, we interviewed founder Dwight A. Littlejohn about his invention and business, which he told us was a “one-man operation.”

As his episode re-airs, we caught up with Littlejohn again to see how he’s fared after not getting a deal in the Tank. Because of the product’s high demand, he’s hired sales representatives and marketing agents and expanded the space in his home’s basement to make room for shipping and storage. Here’s what else he told us about…

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Sales After ‘Shark Tank’

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Since airing on the show, I have sold nearly 5,000 units despite not getting a deal. It was obvious that the Sharks liked the Total Tie Keep and two even said they would use the samples I left. I am in the process of increasing my inventory and putting measures in place for wholesale pricing. I have gotten a lot of interest for bulk purchases and I expect my sales to increase quite a bit when I officially start wholesaling.

Connecting With Retailers

At the advice of Daymond, I have spoken to boutiques and the smaller stores that have shown an interest in my product. I have sent out samples, but my lack of inventory is slowing the process. Right now, I don’t have the product to consistently re-supply buyers. However, I will have this issue resolved as I will be getting my largest shipment ever in April.

Advice to Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

The fact that you are on the show means you have something very special. Then draw on your life experiences to give you the confidence to pitch your product or service in a manner that only you can. You know more about your business that anyone, so make sure that knowledge shines with passion and commitment. Recognize that big things are about happen after your show airs, regardless of what the outcome is, and be ready for the spoils you have earned. And if you’ve got this far, you’ll know exactly what being ready means for your business.

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