What Is an Uninstructed Delegation?

uninstructed i voted sticker

What does the uninstructed delegation option mean? (Getty)

Voters in Wisconsin are confused by an option on their ballot they weren’t expecting: “uninstructed delegation.” The option appeared on the primary ballot today, as Republicans and Democrats cast their vote for their party’s presidential primary nomination. What is an uninstructed delegation?

Here’s what you need to know.

The option for “uninstructed delegation” is available under both the Democratic and the Republican primary options on the Wisconsin ballot. You can see an example here:

Essentially, checking “uninstructed delegation” is pretty much like throwing your vote away. It means that you are letting the Democratic or Republican party decide the delegate vote for your ballot. This video explains it in a little more detail:

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As the video above shows, some people are concerned the “uninstructed delegation” choice could be checked after the fact. There hasn’t been any sign of this happening, however. The main concern is that voters don’t choose the box in addition to or instead of their candidate, not understanding what the option means.