Bernie Sanders’ Sacramento Rally: The Pictures You Need to See

Thousands upon thousands of voters still "feel the Bern" as Bernie Sanders led a rally in Sacramento, California Monday night to a packed crowd, as you can see in this photo taken by Celisse Muller. Despite reports in the media, Sanders has said that he is not looking to be Hillary Clinton's vice president right now because he is focusing on his campaign. Sanders has said that he is campaigning all the way to the Democratic convention and still plans to win the nomination himself. Although Sanders has fewer pledged delegates than Clinton, he's been closing the gap recently and it's looking more and more like the Democratic convention will be a contested one, especially if he wins big in upcoming primaries. If he closes the gap enough and brings superdelegates to his side, he could still get the nomination. With the type of turnout he's been getting at rallies, his supporters still believe it's possible. Fox 40 reported that more than 21,000 people attended the rally in Sacramento on Monday.

His supporters certainly haven't lost their fervor. KCRA reported that while Sanders is in California, he'll be meeting with Alexandra Rooker, a superdelegate for California in the Democratic National Convention. She said that although she had initially pledged to support Clinton, she's remaining  uncommitted now. The majority of the calls and emails she receives are from pro-Sanders supporters. Fans are still enthusiastic because in order to clinch the nomination before the convention, Clinton would need 70 percent of the remaining delegates, and that's not likely to happen. You can read more about the convention, and where Sanders stands when he polls against Donald Trump, in this story.

This photo was taken by Celisse Muller, who attended the rally. She commented on her photo, "Packed house for Bernie tonight in Sacramento." Click through the gallery to see more photos of the rally and hear about the experiences of those who attended. (Instagram/Celisse Muller)