LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Rally in Bangor, Maine

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to hold an event in Bangor, Maine this afternoon, his first rally of the week following a scripted speech about the economy on Tuesday.

Trump’s event will held at the Cross Insurance Center, and it begins at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. It can be viewed in the embedded YouTube player via Right Side Broadcasting.

The New York businessman will have the full support of Maine’s governor at the event, as Paul LePage is expected to attend the Trump rally this afternoon.

“I can’t wait to come up and help cheer him on in any way I can,” LePage said.

LePage has already endorsed Trump and previously appeared at a rally of his in Portland, Maine back in March. The governor has in the past said that he would like a position in Trump’s administration. He also bragged that “I was Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular,” according to Politico.

Bangor’s officials are hoping that protests outside of the Trump event do not turn violent as they often have in the past. Clashes between police and protesters outside of the rallies have become quite a familiar sight.

“We hope people will come and show respect for each other,” Bangor Police Department spokesman Tom Cotton told the Bangor Daily News.

Cotton also warned that the police will not hesitate to charge anyone who breaks the law during protests, and he noted that police officers will be present at the Cross Center throughout the day.

During his speech, Trump will almost certainly touch on the recent terrorist attack in Istanbul. During a rally on June 28 hours after the attack, Trump pointed to the airport bombing as an example of why the U.S. has to get tougher when it comes to its foreign policy, in particular by torturing our enemies.

“We can’t do waterboarding but they can do chopping off heads, drowning people in steel cages, they can do whatever they want,” he said. “You know, you have to fight fire with fire.”

Trump had previously responded to the Istanbul attack on Twitter moments after it occurred.

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