PHOTOS: ISIS Attacks & Desecrates Shia Syrian Army Soldiers’ Corpses


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there was a time until 1990-2000, senior Citizens of USA and Europe did not let their children watch even chicken or cattle slaughtering because it would make them grow violent. Now those children are Governing the country, and their children are regularly and daily watching slaughtering of mankind. If it were not for Mr. George Bush, the world would have been much different today.

Commencing a war is easy but closing it is much harder. Mankind is much greater than to dominate them with weapons or killings to death. Because, revenge remains through generations.

Because they had seen their parents, children, sisters, brothers killed in front of them like they are nothing, accepting some revenge actions from them should be expected.

The men aging 25 years today had seen nothing but war through his entire life, because he is born in Mosul, Fallujah or Anbar.

Thousands of circus or zoo tigers find it hard to fight a single jungle tiger.


They love killing the American group and the Jewish Group’s group of agents on the ground.
Yahudis’and their silly word games.

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