Bernie Sanders’ Delegates: Photos & Stories of DNC Delegates

Bernie Sanders may have endorsed Hillary Clinton, but he hasn't dropped out of the race and he has asked all nearly 1,900 of his delegates to show up at the Democratic National Convention and vote for him during the roll call. Many of his delegates are still seeking funding to cover the expenses of the Convention, which is less than a week away. According to delegates attending the Convention, the Democratic Party has told them that they need to stay at their assigned hotel, due to security and credentialing needs, at a "negotiated" cost of $500/night for five straight nights. This means that once you include airfare and other associated costs, some delegates are looking at up to $4,000 to $5,000 just for the Convention. Bernie Sanders' campaign was based on grassroots politics, avoiding big donors, so many delegates were not prepared for such high costs. Even though Sanders endorsed Clinton, his delegates will not only be voting for him, but they will also be supporting his platform at the Convention. Click through the gallery to learn more about some of Bernie's nearly 1,900 delegates, including those who are seeking help attending the Convention. You can see all the delegates who need funding on two websites: FundBernieDelegates or AdoptaBernieDelegate. (Getty)