When Is Bernie’s Next Rally? It Might Be the Night Before the DNC

bernie sanders rally

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is looking into holding a rally on July 24, the night before the DNC. (Getty)

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is in the process of planning a rally in Philadelphia for the night before the Democratic National Convention on July 24. They are waiting to make an official announcement until after the permits are in place. His supporters are excited about the announcement and waiting to find out exactly what it means for Bernie’s campaign. Despite news that the FBI won’t seek charges against Hillary Clinton, Sanders said the decision won’t affect his campaign and he’s still taking the campaign all the way to the Convention. This news about the rally seems to cement that announcement.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Rally Would Involve an Estimated 15,000 to 40,000 People

The Sanders’ campaign has requested permission to hold a rally in Philadelphia on July 24, Burlington Free Press reported. The rally would be held at Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. According to the permit application, an estimated 15,000 to 40,000 people would be attending.

Michael Briggs, Sanders’ spokesman, told Philly.com in June that the rally would include a “victory statement” from Bernie. More recently, he told Burlington Free Press in an email: “The planning for the Philadelphia convention is still in the works. Happy to let you know when details are nailed down.”

Sanders’ supporter Bill Taylor had already obtained permits for the date and location, according to Philly.com, and was working with Sanders’ campaign to coordinate permits for a rally. Taylor said he wanted the rally to be open to everyone participating in March for Bernie, an event he is helping to coordinate.

We will update this post with more information about the rally when it is available.

Bernie Supporters Are Also Planning Marches and Protests

This rally is in addition to other events being planned by Bernie’s supporters, including pro-Sanders protests, demonstrations, and marches for Bernie.

For example, #MarchforBernieUSA is planning to have every Sanders supporter march together starting at noon Eastern on Sunday, July 24, the day before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. The March supports the #StillSanders movement, that continues to want Bernie Sanders to be President and the Democratic nominee.

The group is also encouraging supporters to create marches in their own cities at the same time. You can learn more about the march here.



Harry J Krishna

Why oh why can’t Hillary get out and let the real candidate go to work?

Progressive Democrat

Bernie Sanders should run as an independent. The democratic party hacks disenfranchised independents in many states by making it difficult for them to register to vote in the democratic primaries. Additionally, super-delegates for the democrats stacked the decks against Sanders by undermining the popular vote and picking Clinton before the primary campaign even began. Then democratic party hacks whined that Sanders was a bad looser for not supporting Clinton and campaigning for her after bringing independents into the democratic fold. A loud chorus of hypocritical party hacks will faithfully stamp out the progressives in the democratic party. Despite the “new platform” It is still heresy to consider concepts such as single payer government controlled public healthcare for all which nearly all industrial countries in the world have implemented.

Jeffrey Smith

Agree. Given the damning speech by the Director of the FBI yesterday laying out her crimes, we need an honest person to run!


I admit I did not like Bernie Sanders to start with but believe based on his campaign issues he is the best candidate for President at this time. I truly hope he does not endorse Hillary and stays in the presidential race.. otherwise, America really does not have a good candidate – at all!! I hope Bernie will also help the seniors and not just the college kids. After working our entire lives we could use more in healthcare and better living conditions than a meager existance because that is all that can be afforded. Not taxing social security would be a nice start and increasing the social security cap to $150,000 would make a great difference to foot the bill.

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