Jonathan Aledda: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jonathan Aledda Charles Kinsey North Miami Police Department

(North Miami Police Department)

The cop who shot unarmed Charles Kinsey in Miami has been named. The North Miami Police Department named the officer as Jonathan Aledda. Officials from the department say that Aledda is a member of the SWAT team. The shooting occurred on July 18 when Kinsey, a therapist, was shot while he was lying on the ground next to a man with autism.

Authorities say that Kinsey was helping a patient who had wandered away from his assisted living facility when he was shot. The entire incident was captured on cellphone video. Kinsey was released from a local hospital on July 21.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Mayor of North Miami Said That the Investigation Will Go ‘Wherever the Truth Takes Them’

City Manager Larry Spring told the media in a press briefing on July 22, “The officer involved in Monday’s shooting is Jonathan Aledda. He is a member of our SWAT team and has been employed with the department for four years.” While North Miami Mayor Dr. Smith Joseph said, “The police department has already conducted an initial evaluation of the matter. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has since taken over for a thorough investigation.”

While earlier, North Miami Police Chief Gary Eugene said that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was being called in to investigate further, reports CBS Miami.

2. Aledda Was His Department’s Officer of the Month in October 2014

Jonathan Aledda WSVN

(Screengrab via WSVN)

Aledda joined the department in 2012, according to an article about his winning of the October 2014 “Officer of the Month” award. His award came after a two-month period in which he was responsible for 51 arrests and the vigorous pursuit of a suspect who had committed an armed robbery at a Walgreens drugstore. At the time, Aledda was listed as being in the department’s patrol section.

Aledda’s award ceremony was featured extensively on the Facebook page of the Miami Chamber of Commerce.

3. He Has a College Qualification in Nursing & Health Studies

Jonathan Aledda University of Miami

(University of Miami)

In the Fall of 2008, Aledda was featured in the Univeristy of Miami’s nursing magazine as he was awarded an academic excellence award following his completion of a nursing and health studies degree.

4. The Other Officer Involved, Commander Emile Hollant, Has Been Suspended Without Pay

The Miami Herald’s Lance Dixon reports that one of Aledda’s superior officers, Commander Emile Hollant, has been suspended without pay for his role in the Kinsey shooting. While WLRN’s Nadege C. Green reports that Hollant has been disciplined for “providing misinformation” about Kinsey’s shooting.

5. Charles Kinsey Boss Has Hailed the Wounded Man as a ‘Hero’

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Clint Bower, the president and CEO of MACtown, where Kinsey works, told CNN’s New Day, “Mr. Kinsey is a hero today. He saved the life of that disabled individual.” He added:

This individual he was caring for is a person with significant behavioral issues, and Charles was specifically chosen to work with this individual as his one-on-one staff, because he is that much of a skilled employee.

He has received extensive crisis intervention training. Unfortunately, our police department doesn’t seem to have received that same training.

A police union official had earlier told the Miami Herald that the officer had been aiming at the autistic man.

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