Nice Truck Terror Attack: Facts & Photos

Up to 80 people have been killed after an apparent attack in Nice on France's national day. The driver of a truck ploughed into multiple people on a beachfront promenade on July 14, Bastille Day in France. The driver of that truck has been killed by French security forces, reports Sky News. Officials have so far not called in the incident a terrorist attack. The Mayor of Nice has told residents of the city to remain in their homes. Hundreds more lie injured on the streets of the southern French city. If you have family in Nice or the surrounding region and are concerned for the safety you can call (00 33) 04 93 72 22 22.

One witness told France's BFM-TV that "The truck was bearing down like a mad car." Initial reports indicated that there had been some sort of hostage situation following the attack, those reports were later confirmed to be false. Another witness, Lucy Nesbitt-Comaskey, while speaking to Sky News, described the attack as sounding like "Beirut."

Here are the gruesome photos from the scene that you need to see:

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