What Did Jane Say to Bernie After His Speech? Is There Still a Roll Call Vote?

Jane Sanders says something in Mic 7/25/16 Rally before DNCWhat does this mean?? Jane Sanders was picked up by a hot mic after Bernie finished his speech hours before the start of the DNC2016-07-25T17:45:22.000Z

After Bernie Sanders’ speech to his delegates, his wife Jane Sanders got on stage with him and whispered something in his ear, over a hot mic, about the roll call vote. What did she say and what does it mean about the convention?

Here’s what you need to know.

After Bernie’s speech to his delegates, Jane whispered something into Bernie’s ear that was hard to hear. She said:

They don’t know your name is being put in nomination. That’s what concerns.

She may have been wanting him to say something to his delegates about this question, that was at the top of their minds, but he didn’t. Or, she may have been comforting him and explaining why some of his delegates booed him during the speech, letting him know it wasn’t because of him but because of their concern about the roll call vote.

According to the Sanders’ campaign spokesman Michael Briggs, Bernie’s name will still be placed in the nomination and there will still be a roll call vote.

However, earlier in the day, a Democratic official told NBC that Sanders would turn his delegates over to Hillary Clinton during the roll call vote and all 50 states would be counted. So there’s a bit of confusion as to what’s actually going to happen. This may be why Jane said something to Bernie after his speech.

We’re still not completely clarified on what Bernie plans to do with the roll call vote. But two weeks ago, he told his delegates that he wanted them all there for the roll call vote so they could vote for him. Right now, without further clarification from him and based on Jane’s words to him, it seems this is still going to happen.