Hillary Clinton’s Omaha, Nebraska Rally: The Photos You Need to See


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Alicia Curtis

I will not vote for Hillary in November. I’d just as soon stay home, or vote Green. I did my part to elect the best candidate and between corruption laid bare and blind supporters with fingers in their ears, Clinton was shoved down our throats. I won’t be a part of those willing to overlook it. The number of Sanders supporters who will back her is far smaller than the media would like you to believe.


I watched the little convention in Omaha, NE hosted by Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world. He is very Liberal
(Democrat) and thinks Hillary Clinton should be President. What were those 4 black young guys doing in the audience?
I think Warren Buffett bribed these young people with his free McDonald coupons to sit in the audience. Of course,
Warren Buffett owns McDonalds. What a joke! Hillary Clinton sat there bobbing her head up and down just like a Bobble
head. Pathetic! Also Warren Buffett told the audience that he would personally drive 10 people to vote in November.
How desperate can he be to get votes for Hillary. What a laugh. Vote for Donald Trump and get rid of the Clintons


typical republican response. Must bash instead of having something interesting or even intelligent to say

Diane Grossic

You’re kidding I hope! Donald Trump is a parasite and so are his followers! He definitely is not playing with a full deck! He has all but dismantled the Republican party which is a really good thing! It’s karma plain and simple for the outrageous way the Republicans maligned President Obama for eight years! Spreading their pathetic lies and sitting on their hands whenever President Obama wanted something passed. I’m overjoyed as are so many other good and caring people that the Republican party has imploded! I am totally overjoyed!


All you demwits democrats can do is trash Trump and his followers.At least Trump is not on his way to prison . And when he speaks it’s the truth..Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie…Her and her followers need Jesus Christ,to change there life..She’s a nut and if you support her you are too….

charles g

diane… you are an idiot…. Trump is not a parasite… hillary is the parasite…. and she is the one not playing with a full deck… do your background investigation on Hillary and Trump…. you will see which one is the better candidate to run this country…. there is not comparison between the 2 people…


Amen she’s the dirtiest politician to ever walk the earth. Even worse than Aaron Burr.


I’m not against what Republicans have to say, but when comments are not backed by logic or truth, and in this case, tinged with racism, I’m going to have to discredit you as someone I’m not going to listen to. Next time, if you want to be a veritable source and reach a broader audience, do without the racism and illogical thinking.

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