WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Says There Were No Islamic Terrorist Attacks Before Obama

In Youngstown, Ohio this afternoon, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said that there were no successful Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States before Barack Obama became president.

Giuliani was speaking in Youngstown before Donald Trump’s key foreign policy speech outlining his approach for defeating ISIS. Giuliani made reference to the time before Barack Obama became president, saying that the U.S. saw no terrorist attacks back then.

“Under those eight years before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States,” Giuliani said. “They all started when Clinton and Obama got into office.”

Giuliani’s comments immediately raised some eyebrows on social media, with critics pointing out that he seemed to be overlooking the events of September 11th, 2001, though Giuliani was seemingly referring to a period of time starting immediately after 9/11 and ending with Obama’s inauguration.

The former New York City mayor has made similar comments in the past, saying in a 2010 interview that “We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We’ve had one under Obama.”

Similar backlash to comments from Trump’s surrogates emerged recently when Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson said that the United States did not invade Afghanistan until Obama took office.

“Remember, we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time,” Pierson said, referring to 2007. “Barack Obama went into Afghanistan, creating another problem.”

Pierson at first blamed this mistake on CNN’s audio issues before explaining that she misspoke and was referring to Syria, according to Talking Points Memo.



Joseph Bronson

This is the guy who was thinking about running for POTUS? WTF? Between him and Trump – the GOP just doesn’t have it anymore…people made fun of Reagan’s failing memory – Reagan was an encyclopedia compared to this when dementia took its toll. What were all those Military doing over in Afghanistan pre-Obama? I’m confused


I guess he was so stoned that he can’t remember 9/11. What a yard.


Geez, where have I been the last fifteen years. I really must thank Giuliani and Pierson for correcting my obviously failing memory, because my recollection of world events is much different from theirs. And I am not saying that without a hint of sarcasm at all. My walls cannot take much more, what with me pounding my head against them after hearing all the stupid lies these people tell.
Seriously, saying something so utterly false and dumb should automatically disqualify you from ever appearing in the media again.


It is so sad to me how short the memory of the people seem to be. Am I the only one who remembers $4 gas, 12% unemployment, failing banks, foreclosed homes and the people and policies that caused it? Now we have the same party who put us there wanting to take back control. It is insane!


I’m a Clinton supporter, but this is poor journalism and doesn’t help us. That is a misquote in the title, Rudy said there were no attacks in the eight years before Obama, which is biased semantics, but still technically true. He even mentions ground zero, so obviously he didn’t forget 9/11. Real issue is crackheads from both parties who only read headlines that support what they want to hear and can’t read. I’m voting for Clinton, but not at the expense of literacy……

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