Bernie Sanders & Zephyr Teachout Rally: The Pictures You Need to See

Bernie really rallied the crowd, telling them just how important they are to democracy. "When you look around you here today, this is what we have. They have billionaires. We have the people and when people stand together, people win," Poughkeepsie Journal reported.

Toon Maassen, co-founder of Cafe de Ceuvel, attended the rally and shared a series of photos on Facebook, including this one. (Facebook/Toon Maassen)



Michael ☆

Okay this is a good one! The Clinton campaign requested from its voters a one-time and one time only $25 contribution,To the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign, So what they did was they went into their account illegally and keep it under $100 and this amount is just under a complaint for fraud ! So they went into their account two and three different times but it would never reach over $100 it would go to 94, 90, 89, So the Clinton campaign illegally withdrew 2.8 million from their supporters and to top it all off it was their poorest supporters blacks and Hispanics ,ones on fixed income like Social Security or a small pension just think of how much more they’ll be taken if she becomes president of the United States the truth is will be all doomed if Hillary Clinton is the president of the United States And her good buddy Obama reportedly did the same thing when he ran for office it just goes to show you ,fruit don’t fall far from the tree.


Seriously! Clintons have more than enough money to travel all over the u.s, and their “illegal” withdrawal of 2.8 million from their supporters who were the poorest supporters and those on a fixed income. SO, anyone who gives money to the Clintons should have their head examined! This Clinton money-suck is deplorable! They have millions of dollars and they are asking for $25 contribution to the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign! UNBELIEVABLE!! DON’T GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY – THEY HAVE ENOUGH TO GIVE AWAY to all of their supporters. They’ve got A LOT OF GALL!

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