Hillary Clinton Height: How Tall Is She?

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Hillary Clinton behind a lectern at an Orlando event in September. (Getty)

Hillary Clinton faced Donald Trump on the same stage on September 26 for the first time since clinching their parties’ presidential nominations. Trump is taller than Clinton, who stands 5-feet, 5-inches tall. Trump stands 6-feet, 3 inches. Trump and Clinton will be on the same stage for the last presidential debate on October 19. In this debate, they will again be standing behind lecterns.

In 2008, the Washington Post listed her as 5-feet, 5-inches, but more recent stories by Politico and U.S. News list her as 5-foot-7. Still other outlets report that she stands 5-foot-4.

Nevertheless, Clinton is shorter than Trump. Trump stool behind a raised lectern with plywood in the middle of it, so it appeared that their podiums were at the same height in front of them on television. WABC radio host Rita Cosby tweeted the following picture, showing the back of the lecterns on the Hofstra University stage.

“Clinton is 5’4” and Trump 6’2” and her team wanted the podium modified or a box added for her to stand on so she won’t look short next to Donald Trump,” Cosby told the New York Post.

Clinton Is Not the First Presidential Candidate to Worry About Height

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton height, Hillary Clinton tall, Hillary Clinton lectern

Hillary Clinton at a lectern in September. (Getty)

Of course, this isn’t the first time a presidential candidate has tried to even out the height-game. During the 1988 presidential election, Michael Dukakis faced insults for his short, 5-foot-8-inch stature. So, during his debate with George H.W. Bush, he used a mound built under the stage carpet. The mound might have been hidden, but everyone knew it was there. It even resulted in a Saturday Night Live sketch.

Dukakis Lift – SNLJoke written by Conan O'brien on SNL, 1988.2010-04-25T09:34:56.000Z

Geraldine Ferraro also used a riser during her vice presidential debate with Bush. Sarah Palin, who stands 5-foot-5 did not use, any stool or riser when she debated Joe Biden in 2008. Biden stands 6 feet tall.

During the 1976 campaign, Jimmy Carter and Gerald R. Ford agreed to a “belt-buckle rule,” according to the book Presidential Debates: The Challenge of Creating an Informed Electorate. Carter, who was was three and a half inches shorter than Ford, was concerned how he would look on television. The heights of the lecterns were “derived by measuring the inches between the floor and the taller candidate’s belt buckle and then splitting the difference,” the book reads.

The shortest president ever elected was James Madison, who stood 5-feet, 4-inches. Abraham Lincoln, who stood 6-feet, 4-inches, remains the tallest. President Barack Obama stands 6-feet, 1-inch.

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