Angels & Tomboys Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company

Angels and Tomboys, body lotions for girls with fun scents like Watermelon Funk, Frozen Hot Chocolate and Peanut Butter Jelly Time, entered the Shark Tank in Season 8.

It was started by sisters Madison Star and Mallory Iyana, who saw a need in the market for this kind of beauty product line, made especially with girls in mind. We interviewed the duo, and when asked about their future goals, they said, “We would love to land a spot in a big-box retail outlet, then eventually open our very own Angels and Tomboys store. We hope to be a global brand.”

Here’s what else they told us about…

How They Got the Idea

After being bored senseless with our body care products, we had this cool idea to make everyday products that girls use, fun. We came up with fun names, characters and unique fragrances for these products and pitched the idea to our mom. She loved it and the rest is history in the making. Our mom named the company Angels and Tomboys as a reflection of our unique and complex personalities and interests. We’re just like every girl in the world because all girls are created equally different. Plus, we can all agree that every angel has a bit of tomboy in her.

Working With a Sister & Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

We each have our own role in the company. We stay in our lanes to avoid bumping heads. Every now and then we may disagree on an idea but, we play the game Rock, Paper, Scissors to easily settle disputes. We have to get along. We live with each other and our mom won’t have it any other way! We love each other and we both agree that we make a great team!

Their Mom’s Support

She rocks! She’s our everything– manager, publicist, wardrobe stylist, brand director, security guard and our driver! She drives us to all of our meetings and helps us to get all the right opportunities that will push our brand. The biggest help of all, is the fact the she believes in us and her support makes us feel as though we can conquer the world.

Dancing Their Nerves Away Before the ‘Tank’

Once we made it to the place where we’d stand before the Sharks, we stood waiting with nervous energy and bright smiles. Our mom knows the best way to get us to shake nervous energy and that’s through dance. So, we took a dance break right there in what seems to be the longest hallway in the world to get to the Sharks. After shaking the nerves through dance moves, our mom kept whispering jokes that made us laugh.

Facing the “Tough’-Looking Sharks

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But as soon as they yelled “Angels and Tomboys, ready, set, go,” we straightened up, stood tall, and let our confidence shine through. We high-fived, then the cameras started rolling. We walked for what seems like a million miles. Then those big doors swung open and we hit the point of no return and there sat the Sharks! We couldn’t believe it! They looked tough! We’d stood in front of lots of tough judges in dance competitions but, these faces were different. These faces meant business. We were either going to sink or swim and we came to swim. We went for it!

The Girls’ Future Plans

We are currently working on releasing our body wash, a 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner set and Facial Cleanser system. We have several other products that we will introduce over the next several months, not just these. So, follow us on social media, @angels_tomboys, to keep up with all things Angels and Tomboys.

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