Donald Trump Rally in Henderson, Nevada: The Photos You Need to See

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally in Henderson, Nevada this afternoon, his first of two events in the state. Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands of supporters at the Henderson Pavilion, immediately heading over to Reno after the event ended. In his speech, he focused heavily on Tuesday's vice presidential debate, taking credit for Mike Pence's solid performance and saying that Pence was another great decision of his. Trump also took advantage of Bill Clinton's recent comments that Obamacare is the "craziest thing in the world," and he discussed his relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Here are some of the best photos from Trump's rally in Henderson. (Getty)




No other country gives you free speech as the United States, it is what makes America shine above all other countries. Free speeches a true part of freedom, it was quite confusing why Obama handed over the Internet to the United Nations unless the motive was not the intention of keeping America free ? The closer we look the more troublesome it becomes,why would someone go out of their way to try to deliberately harm America and it’s Freedom’s !! It would have to come from a person that cared nothing about America’s values and nothing about it’s people.

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