WATCH: Hillary Clinton Reads From WikiLeaks Script During Interview With Chris Hayes

In one of the recently hacked and released WikiLeaks John Podesta emails, a script is shown in an email chain prior to Hillary Clinton calling into MSNBC, proving Clinton reads from scripts during interviews and also suggesting mainstream media collusion.

The video refers to WikiLeaks email ID 4274, which can be viewed here. In the email, Dan Schwerin, director of speechwriting for Clinton, informs John Podesta, Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, and others that Clinton is going to call into “Chris Hayes’ show this afternoon to do her tax hit.”

In the email thread, it directs Hayes to ask Clinton, “Tell me about YOUR new tax proposal.”

He does.

She responds:

As you know Chris, right now, the super-wealthy and big corporations use every trick in the book to game the system and avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes. It’s not right. So today, I proposed adding a new “fair share surcharge” on multi-millionaires and closing loopholes to make it harder to game the system. (I’m also pushing for the Buffett Rule, which sets a minimum rate for those at the top, and other reforms like closing the carried interest loophole that allows some hedge fund managers to pay a lower rate than teachers or a nurses.) I’m proposing every idea I can to finally make those at the top actually pay their fair share.

While both Hayes and Clinton do paraphrase in the interview, the script is fairly spot on.

Watch it above.