Martha Raddatz’ Children: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

greta bradlee

Martha Raddatz and her daughter. Greta Bradlee Williams. (Facebook)

Presidential debate moderator Martha Raddatz has been married three times, and she has two children from prominent men through two of those marriages.

Raddatz has an adult son and daughter. Their names are Greta Bradlee Williams and Jake Genachowski. Both are the children of men who are well-known in Washington D.C. circles in their own right. Raddatz is also a grandmother.

Raddatz, 63, is a veteran ABC News correspondent. She is co-anchoring the second presidential debate with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

According to her official bio at ABC News, Raddatz, “has covered all aspects of foreign policy for nearly 20 years – reporting from the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House, and from conflict zones around the world.” She traveled to Iraq 21 times to report on the conflict, says ABC.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Raddatz’ Daughter Is Her Child With the Son of Famed Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee

Anyone familiar with Watergate or the movie or book All the President’s Men knows Ben Bradlee, the famous editor of the Washington Post who oversaw the Woodward and Bernstein team that brought down Richard Nixon.

Martha Raddatz was married to Bradlee’s son, Ben Bradlee, Jr. Bradlee Jr. (above middle) is a well-known journalist in his own right. As the editor of the Boston Globe, he was featured as a character in the movie, Spotlight.

Raddatz and Bradlee Jr. have a daughter, Greta, together. They are divorced. Greta is now Greta Bradlee Williams. She is married and has two children, according to her posts on Facebook. She frequently attends public events with her mother. This is a photo of Raddatz with her two children and grandchildren:

Vanity Fair reported that Greta was “beautiful and, by all accounts, gracious, something of a golden child. In 1992, after Ben junior and Raddatz divorced, Raddatz moved with Greta, then about 12, to Washington, D.C. Raddatz, at this point, was not particularly eager to have much to do with the family of her ex-husband.”

2. Ben Bradlee’s Wife Had to Shoot Down Rumors She Scheduled Dueling Weddings

martha raddatz

Bob Woodruff with Raddatz’ daughter, Greta. (Facebook)

The family’s problems have played out on the pages of The Washington Post.

Ben Bradlee Sr.’s wife, Sally Quinn, wrote a famed column in the style section of The Washington Post.

Politico said she “tried to shoot down reports of ‘dueling’ weddings and that she had deliberately scheduled her son Quinn Bradlee’s nuptials on the same day as the long-planned wedding of Bradlee’s granddaughter” Greta, Raddatz’ daughter.

Bradlee Jr. is Bradlee Sr.’s son from a different marriage.

Politico said Raddatz and Bradlee Jr. complained when Quinn wrote about the family’s “dysfunction” in her column. Quinn blamed the wedding date conflicts on a scheduling mistake.

Quinn’s column said, “Over Christmas, Greta’s mother and I came to an understanding that, because of existing tensions, it would be best for all if none of us attended Greta’s wedding.”

3. Raddatz Has a Son, Jake Genachowski, With Her Second Husband

Raddatz is also divorced from her second husband, Julius Genachowski, who is the father of her son, Jake Genachowski.

Julius Genachowski was a classmate of President Barack Obama’s at Harvard University, and he was later nominated to be Federal Communication Commission chairman by the president. He now works for the Cargyle Group.

His biography says he also was named by President Obama “to lead the United States delegation to Poland for the commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.”

Genachowski and Raddataz divorced in 2007, and both are remarried, says The Daily Caller.

Her current husband is Tom Gjelten, a journalist who covers religion and faith issues for National Public Radio.

4. Jake Is a Video Marketer Who Interned in Local TV & Journalism

On his LinkedIn site, Jake says that he is a video marketer and coach at the Maret School. He has also been a football and softball coach there, as well as a campus tour guide.

Before that, he listed a series of prominent media internships, including Vox, ESPN, WJLA-TV in Washington D.C., and 106.7 The Fan.

He graduated from Kenyon College in 2015 with a degree in economics.

5. Barack Obama Attended Raddatz’ Wedding

Genachowski, on left, with Raddatz' third husband, Tom Gjelten. (Facebook)

Genachowski, on left, with Raddatz’ third husband, Tom Gjelten. (Facebook)

Martha Raddataz has periodically been accused of political bias, and this charge often stems from the fact that Barack Obama attended her wedding to Julius Genachowski.

The Daily Caller reports that Genachowski “had been a close and personal friend of Obama’s,” a friendship that continued when Obama became president.

Genachowski attended Harvard Law School with Obama and worked on the Harvard Law Review with him. When this point was raised previously, Raddatz denied that the Obama affiliation created any bias when she moderates political debates. Obama was not a national political figure at the time.

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