David Duke Tweets “GOD BLESS TRUMP” in the Wake of Seeming Win

David Duke Trump, Donald Trump David Duke, Donald Trump KKK

Duke’s official photo. (Twitter)

White supremacist David Duke, an early supporter of Donald Trump, took to Twitter Tuesday night to congratulate the Republican candidate on seemingly winning the Presidential election:

Duke was initially cagey in his support of Trump, praising his hardline stance on immigration while maintaining simultaneously that he was not endorsing Trump and that whites not voting for Trump were committing “treason toward their heritage.” He later substantially increased his support for Trump, claiming he inspired him to run for Congress in 2016, where the former Louisiana state congressman finished with just 3.4 percent of the vote. Trump and his surrogates have not been nearly as warm: Trump initially denied having heard of Duke, then denounced him, with his son Eric going as far as to say he “deserves a bullet.”

Duke founded the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, a Louisiana-based organization claiming to inherit the legacy of the original Klan, in 1974. His radically different approach won notability and popularity, shifting the Klan away from anti-women and anti-Catholic rhetoric, though he continued to financially support Holocaust deniers and call immigration a threat to “the very existence of our genotype.”

While Duke’s call, like most, depends on projections that may or may not be accurate, Trump has the clearest path to the presidency. As of 12:45 a.m. on November 9, Trump holds a 238-215 Electoral College lead (270 votes are required to win the Presidency) over Hillary Clinton in CNN’s projection.


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Judah Natzarah

this hell bound pig skin pedo cracker knuckle drag euro adult ape is relate to dog stink johnny!!!!!!!


David, I have read your book. There’s a lot of good information in it. I only disagree with the hate part of it. God did not make the black race, that is to be sure, He made the Human Race and we are all one.

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