Starbucks #WarOnChristmas Cup Outrage 2016: The Tweets You Need To See

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when Thanksgiving is ignored, Starbucks starts serving Christmas drinks again, and the entire religious conservative side of the internet obsesses over Starbucks cups.

Last year, there was a sizable controversy over Starbucks’s holiday cups, which were simply red without any further decorations. The lack of trees, snowflakes, santas or elves prompted some to shout about the #WarOnChristmas, and others to laugh at them.

Here’s some tweets from last year:

Some even told their baristas that their names were “Merry Christmas.”

Red or Green 2016? Starbucks Cup Confusion

And this year, it’s not looking much better for Starbucks…

Others don’t really seem to care about the #WarOnChristmas

The Real Red Cups

The green cups seem to be more of a political statement from Starbucks on “unity,” not the real holiday cups. The real cup designs may have been leaked on Reddit. Starbucks told The Huffington Post that their holiday plans are “still under wraps,” though, and employees aren’t supposed to look at the holiday cups until November 10th.

Are the new cups Chistmas-y enough? Do you miss the plain red? Leave your comment below!

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