WATCH: Richard Spencer Leads White Nationalists With ‘Hail Trump!’ Chant

'Hail Trump!': Richard Spencer Speech ExcerptsVideo of an alt-right conference in Washington, D.C., where Trump’s victory was met with cheers and Nazi salutes. Read the full article: Subscribe to The Atlantic on YouTube:

Video of Richard Spencer‘s chilling speech at the National Policy Institute’s annual conference on November 19 shows the group celebrating Donald Trump‘s victory with a “Hail Trump!” chant. As Spencer speaks, his followers give the Nazi salute, and do so repeatedly during the footage.

Spencer is known for his role in coining the phrase “alt-right” to describe his movement. Footage of his speech was posted online by The Atlantic. At the beginning of it, he tells the audience, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” His audience gives him a standing ovation and uproarious applause.

In the speech, he calls the mainstream media “Lügenpresse,” which is a Nazi slur that means “lying press” in German.

“America was, until this last generation, a white country designed for ourselves and our posterity,” Spencer said in his speech. “It is our creation, it is our inheritance, and it belongs to us.”

Spencer’s speech was just one of several delivered during the National Policy Institute‘s conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C. Tila Tequila, a former MTV reality star, was there.

“I went full circle from the liberal stuff, and all that … I wouldn’t want my daughter growing up in that,” Tequila told the Daily Beast before the event began. “I’m becoming more conservative ever since I became a mother … I wouldn’t want porn all over the internet [for instance] … Law and order, I think that’s very important to have. Most people are so used to being all about their ‘freedom,’ so they becomes these little crybabies. They can’t live by laws and rules. Civilization needs to be civilized.”

Tequila even shared a photo of herself performing the Nazi salute. “Seig heil,” she wrote in the caption.

In total, the event included 11 hours of speeches, notes The New York Times. It happened as the media has scrutinized Trump’s relationship with the alt-right movement, especially after he chose Steve Bannon, who ran Breitbart News, to be his senior adviser.

Bannon’s site has been seen as a platform for the alt-right, and Bannon even called it that in an interview with Mother Jones. In a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, though, he said the alt-right is only “a tiny part” of Breitbart.

“Our definition of the alt-right is younger people who are anti-globalists, very nationalist, terribly anti-establishment,” Bannon said.

Trump has issued a statement on the recent show of white nationalist support for his victory. The statement reads:

President-elect Trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind, and he was elected because he will be a leader for every American. To think otherwise is a complete misrepresentation of the movement that united Americans from all backgrounds.

During his meeting with New York Times journalists on November 22, Trump did say that he disavows the alt-right movement.

William Johnson, a white supremacist and the chairman of the American Freedom Party, sent Spencer an open letter, calling him to stop using symbolism associated with Nazi Germany. The letter was shared to members of the press.

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