Charlotte McCourt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Charlotte McCourt, an 11-year-old New Jersey Girl Scout, has come up with an ingenious way to sell cookies: by being brutally honest about them. McCourt has gained national attention for an adorable letter she sent to her father’s rich friend in Colorado, in an effort to sell her Girl Scout Cookies and it’s worked. She’s sold over 26,000 boxes, breaking the all-time sales record for Girl Scout Cookies.

It did help that Charlotte has a famous connection. Her father works for Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe, who told Charlotte’s story in a Facebook video that’s gone viral.

Rowe has shared an update on Charlotte’s story. She said that she has sold 26,086 boxes and donated 12,430 boxes of cookies. “I have also broke the record for most girl scout cookies sold internationally. I am very appreciative of you and your heart,” Charlotte wrote.

Here’s a look at Charlotte’s story.

1. Charlotte Thinks the Toffee-Tastic Cookies Are a ‘Bleak, Flavorless, Gluten-Free Wasteland’

Charlotte is bound to grow up to be a great writer. As Rowe explained in his video, Charlotte wrote the letter to a rich friend of her father, Sean McCourt, when she found out that the friend wanted to buy Girl Scout Cookies to donate to U.S. troops overseas.

Since she always tries to be brutally honest with her clients, she provided personal reviews of every cookie the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey sells. She rated each cookie on a 1-10 scale.

Charlotte’s least favorite is Toffee-tastic, which she called a “bleak, flavorless, gluten-free wasteland.” She added, “I’m telling you, it’s as flavorless as dirt.”

2. Charlotte Was Disappointed That Only 2 of the 92 Boxes She Sold Were Going to Troops

Charlotte’s mother, Beth, told ABC News that Charlotte was concerned that, of the 92 boxes she had already old, only two were going to be donated to troops. Beth said that Sean then told Charlotte about his wealthy friend.

“Sean said to her, ‘I have a wealthy friend in Colorado and I texted him and he said he’d donate to the troops but why don’t you write him a letter,'” Beth recalled. “Sean gave her his laptop and she took it in her bedroom and wrote and emailed the letter to him.”

Charlotte told ABC News that she didn’t pre-plan the letter. “I played it by ear and I just kept typing until I thought the letter was good,” she explained. “At sales usually I’ll say, ‘This one is my favorite, this one I don’t like as much,’ but I’ve never described them like this before.”

Charlotte’s dad is a producer and writer for Rowe’s The Way I Heard It podcast.

3. She Couldn’t Rate the New S’Mores in ‘Good Conscience’ Because She Hadn’t Tried It Yet

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Charlotte McCourt. (

Charlotte rated each cookie on a 1-10 scale, but she could not rate the new S’Mores cookie because she hadn’t tried it yet. “If you have a wild sense of adventure, try the S’mores. Full disclosure, I have not tried the S’mores so I cannot rate it in good conscience,” she wrote.

The Thin Mint cookie got a 9, thanks to its “inspired” mix of chocolate and mint. Even though she praised the Savannah Smiles for its “divine taste,” it only got a 7. The Do-si-dos also aren’t a favorite, because of its “unoriginality and blandness.”

She didn’t give any of the cookies a 10. “There’s a reason for this,” she wrote. “It’s because the only way to get a 10 is by donating a box – any box. It helps strike a spark into the treacherous lives of those men and women protecting our country and keeping America safe.”

“In an age of fake news and dubious claims, leave it to a Girl Scout to show us the real value of truth in advertising,” Rowe told ABC News. “The simple truth that not all cookies are created equal. The undeniable fact, that some are ‘divine’ and others taste like ‘dirt.’”

The rich friend, a venture capitalist in Boulder, Colorado, bought 25 boxes to donate to troops.

4. Charlotte’s Original Goal Was to Sell 300 Boxes, but She’s Sold Over 26,000

You can still buy cookies from Charlotte’s ordering site. Her original goal was to just sell 300, which matched her total in 2016. However, she’s now sold over 26,000 boxes.

Rowe posted the following letter from Charlotte on Facebook:

Dear Mike Rowe,
I would like to thank you for the kind endorsement on your podcast. I would like to tell you that I have officially disabled my cookie website. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I have sold 26,086 boxes, and donated 12,430 boxes. I have also broke the record for most girl scout cookies sold internationally. I am very appreciative of you and your heart.
Charlotte McCourt

The Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey told that they are “thrilled for Charlotte” and “proud of her entrepreneurial skills.”

5. Charlotte Knows That Honesty Is the Best Policy With Customers

“I feel it is important to be honest because you have to get your buyers’ trust,” Charlotte told “If you say everything’s good … the person is probably going to be skeptical.”

“That is who Charlotte is,” her mother told ABC News. She said that her daughter is “pure,” full of “honesty and humor.”

Later, Charlotte sent Rowe a video, which he later shared with his podcast listeners in the above video.

In a statement on his website, Rowe said he thinks Charlotte’s story blew up on social media because people just needed to hear a good story. “Into this melodramatic miasma, enters an 11-year old Girl Scout who just wants the troops overseas to know we’re thinking about them,” he wrote. “By sending them a box of cookies. And telling the honest truth about what’s for sale. Honestly, if you can’t feel good about that, you’re probably watching too much television.”