James Comey’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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James Comey with his wife, Patrice Failor, and children. (Facebook)

Ousted FBI Director James Comey has an interesting family: A wife who is a foster parent, a son who played college basketball, a brother who was once held hostage with him by a notorious criminal, and a father who detests Donald Trump.

Trump’s firing of Comey, and Comey’s expected June 7 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee have thrust the former FBI director even more into the national hot seat. He was already controversial, of course, for his decision to reveal to Congress that the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails again (that investigation resulted in no charges and accusations that Comey had shaped the direction of the election).

At Comey’s side through it all: A large and devoted family, including his wife, Patrice Failor. Who are the family members of Jim Comey?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. James Comey’s Wife, Patrice Failor, Was His College Sweetheart & Works on Juvenile Justice Issues

US President Barack Obama arrives alongside new FBI Director James Comey (2nd R), Comey’s wife, Patrice Failor (R), and FBI Deputy Director Sean Joyce (L) during an installation ceremony at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC, October 28, 2013. (Getty)

Comey’s wife, Patrice Failor, met him in college.

According to the Daily Press, both Patrice and James Comey went to William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia, and they met there in 1978 as freshmen. When he was nominated to be Barack Obama’s FBI Director in 2013, WestportNOW reported, Comey said of his wife, “Nearly everything I am and have done in my adult life is due to the great good fortune of marrying up.”

In 2011, the William and Mary Law School named Comey the Carter O. Lowance Fellow, one of the law school’s highest honors, the Daily Press said. The news site called the Comeys “a William and Mary family” and said that, in addition to attending the school, Patrice Comey worked in Student Affairs. James Comey graduated in the class of 1982.

Patrice has focused on juvenile justice issues. She wrote on Facebook in 2014, “I am a foster parent, have served as a guardian ad litem for foster kids and work with aging out foster kids in my community.”

The couple has a net worth of at least $11 million and a $3 million home in Connecticut.

2. James Comey’s Father, J. Brien Comey, Generated News Headlines When He Called Trump ‘Crazy as a Hoot’

Rod Rosenstein memo, Restoring Public Confidence in the FBI, James Comey fired

Former FBI Director James Comey. (Getty)

James Comey’s dad, J. Brien Comey, doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t like Donald Trump. At all.

Although his son has been circumspect in his public commentary on Trump (until now), the elder Comey went off on the president in news interviews.

Here’s a sampling of what the 86-year-old Comey, who still lives in the family’s New Jersey home where his son grew up, said about Trump to The Record and CNN:

“Jim tells the truth, (while) Trump runs around lying most of the day,” he said in one interview.

Comey also told CNN that Trump fired James Comey because Comey “didn’t give him 100% loyalty, and he demands that of people who work with him. [Comey] said he would give 100% honesty, but not loyalty.”

To CNN, he added, “Oh my God, I think he should be impeached immediately — yesterday. He’s a very incompetent guy. He’s out of his league. I think the man should be in a home quite honestly, he’s crazy as a hoot.”

To the Record, he said of the president, “I’m convinced that he’s nuts. I thought he belonged in an institution. He was crazy before he became president. Now he’s really crazy.”

All this despite the fact the elder Comey is a Republican who liked John Kasich. J. Brien Comey is a “retired real estate executive” who “was an Allendale councilman in the mid- and late-1980s,” reported The Record.

J. Brien Comey and his wife, Joan, had four children together: Patricia, James Comey, Peter Comey, and Christopher Comey. According to her obituary, Comey’s mother “was the first woman underwriter for Mutual of New York Ins. She then became a substitute teacher in the Allendale School System, followed by her career in computer education with the Girl Scouts of America.” Joan Comey died at age 79 in 2012.

3. Comey’s Son, Brien, Was a College Basketball Standout

Brien Comey

Brien Comey. (Kenyon College)

James Comey and his son Brien share the same height in common. Both are extremely tall, standing 6 foot 8 inches.

Brien Comey played basketball for Kenyon College in Ohio.

Brien Comey was a senior in 2015-16, according to the college’s website. He averaged 12.5 points per game.

According to a profile of Brien Comey on Kenyon College’s website, he aspired to be a law enforcement officer, telling the school, “My dad was a federal prosecutor for most of my childhood, and he would tell me stories of his cases all the time. Hearing stories about catching bad guys got me hooked.” He interned at the Arlington County Virginia Police Department, the school reported.

4. The Comeys Have Six Children but Lost an Infant to a Treatable Ailment

Maurene Comey (now Ryan). (Facebook/Maurene Ryan)

James Comey and his wife, Patrice Failor, are the parents to six children, but one of those children died as an infant. As a result, Patrice has spoken out about the tragedy in an effort to help other parents.

She wrote a lengthy, moving column about the experience of losing the child.

The boy was named Collin, and the Comeys lost him in 1995 at the age of 9 days. He died from a Group B strep infection, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Patrice Comey wrote an op-ed column for the Baltimore Sun about the boy’s death and “lobbied in support of screening for the bacteria during pregnancy,” the newspaper said.

In the column, which was called “To Save a Baby,” Patrice Comey wrote, “MY BABY DIED a month ago today. He was nine days old. Collin Edward Comey was killed by a preventable infection. I am sharing our tragedy so other mothers’ babies might be saved.”

It’s believed the infant contracted the bacterial infection in the birth canal; he died in Patrice’s arms as she sang him lullabies.

Patrice Comey said she was writing the column in the Baltimore Sun newspaper because the bacterial infection is common yet treatable, and she wanted to help prevent other families from suffering similar tragedies. A screening test for it costs $40 or less, she wrote.

The couple’s surviving children are Abby, Claire, Brien, Kate and Maurene. The couple’s daughter, Maurene, also attended William and Mary and then Harvard Law School, the Daily Press said.

5. James Comey & His Brother Were Once Held Hostage by a Notorious Rapist

comey height

James Comey (Getty)

One dramatic twist in James Comey’s biography came when he was a teenager and a notorious criminal held him hostage along with his brother. Luckily, they both managed to escape unharmed, but it took wriggling out of a bathroom window to do it.

According to New Jersey.com, the horrible incident unfolded in New Jersey in 1977 when a man known as “the Ramsey rapist” held Comey, then 15, and his younger brother “at gunpoint after breaking into their Allendale home…one of a string of break-ins that included the rape of two area baby sitters.”

The brothers staged an escape. “The Comey brothers, locked in a bathroom while the intruder searched the home, escaped through a window, only to encounter the man again on their lawn. The brothers ran back inside the house, locked the doors and called police, setting off a massive manhunt,” the newspaper reported.




Comey’s father is spot on! Trump (and his son Eric) have no moral compass, if ever they had one.


I must say I like Comey, but I love our president, he loves this country more then himself,why would he put himself through this swamp life,when he could just live stress free in NY.


His gigantic ego and narcisscism is why put himself through the swamp. Has nothing to do with loving this country.


…and appointed swamp monsters. Reptilians don’t drain swamps but water is reallocated.


How would you know? You speak as if you have a personal relationship with and his family. #maga

Chris King Bent

I find it amusing when people refer to Trumps hardship as president. Giving up so much for the American people, draining the swamp. One, he’s given up NOTHING! If anything, he has gained millions from his self promotion of his businesses as president, he certainly hasn’t given up golf – 24 rounds since taking oath. The man literally works less hours than the average citizen. I find tHe whole swamp discussions laughable. He not only hasn’t drained the swamp, but has filled it with billionaire friends and acquaintances. So, rather than drain it, he has stocked it with the elite of the elite “bottom feeders”. Steve Bannon – known sympathizer to the KKK, Betsy Devos – , billionaire who never stepped foot into a public school, but whose family had donated over 200 million dollars to the RNC to secure her appointment, Rex Tillerson – know connection with Russia big oil tycoons. Trump’s daughter and his son in law who have absolutely no business anywhere near the top level security they’ve given, have zero experience in their perspective jobs, yet they sit on as his advisors and are privy to classified information daily. Jeff Sessions is a well known racists judge that has a history of racial prejudice. I could go on and on about the so called “drained swamp” you speak of, but, I think you get my point. As for Trump’s ability to lead this country with honesty, integrity and fairness, I have seen no proof whatsoever. He has proven nothing of his ability to govern since his 140 very long days in office. He has done nothing but set the country’s progress back decades and cost the tax payers millions to pay for his extravagant life style. So please, tell me again how he is the first president in a long time to care for this country, because, personally I just do not see it. Would you be singing his praises if he were doing exactly what he is doing but his skin weren’t white? You need to have an honest conversation with yourself before you tout Trump’s virtues to those of us who see him and his administration with open eyes and with open minds.

Leslie Poe

You are exactly right!!! If President Obama had tried to pull any of the nonsense we have seen in the last 150 days (or however horrifically long it has been) he would have been impeached, jailed, and all traces of his existence wiped clean by now! Same for Hillary. But because he is a white man, he is beyond reproach and everything he does is amazing. The blind support of Republicans just because they want to be in power again is literally terrifying. Just once, before they spout off, I wish his supporters would actually do some research. These last few months have been mind-boggling at best.


I am a Canadian who closely follows what is transpiring in the US. You are spot on in your observations. What you have said is common knowledge. How can people ignore the facts and support Donald and his leeches? “Drain the Swamp”!!!! A joke. Nepotism as its best! Family members placed in roles for which they are blatantly unqualified. Family companies doing business in China! How can anyone possibly deny that the entire Trump family has benefited from this pervert’s unfortunate ascendancy to the role of president (small p-like his hands). Sessions, Devos, Bannon! ??? How have his uneducated, illiterate supporters benefited from this man’s actions?


Well said. I don’t understand how people who voted for Trump are still standing by the clown. He could kill someone and they would still stand by him. After the way Obama was treated by Republicans and views of some Americans, it shows that racism is alive and well. The only reason Republicans obstructed him and some Americans talk that way about him is because they are still racist. Look at the clown we have now and what he said about Obama not being a U.S. citizen. They won’t admit it but they are racist! And I’m white.


The ORANGE MAN BABY doesn’t love anyone or anything but himself! He’s an embarrassment to this country and he’s also crazy!


Waiting for the big Comey nothing burger… and liberal tears.

It’s been a long time since we had a President who cared about this country. It’s funny watching Trump’s opponents run around like headless chickens. They don’t know what is hitting them.

Real Americans revolted against the globalist elite! We wanted our jobs and country back! Our healthcare was too expensive. Mine is $700/month now (AND RISING!). My car insurance is still $25 per month (from Insurance Panda), but that’s probably about to go up too. Look at Detroit where car insurance is $300/month. Things are getting more and more expensive as it is. Can we really afford to support the world’s homeless?

It is so nice to wake up happy and not worried about our country. It’s in good hands. President Trump is putting America first. It’s been a very long time since that has happened in Washington…from the president or Congress.


Then I guess I’m crazy too because I’m a Trump supporter


What’s crazy about helping fellow Americans first. What so crazy about not wanting to dispense taxpayer money to those who not only hate Americans, but want to take advantage of our resources. What’s so crazy about love of God and Country first. You, Bix Aldrich are the crazy, unknowing don’t have a clue imbecile.

Leslie Poe

What fellow Americans are you helping first? The 23 million the new healthcare act will throw off of their healthcare? The AMERICAN children of immigrants you throw out of this country? The elderly who rely on Meals on Wheels, that the new budget will cut the funding for? The coal miners and steel workers who you all guaranteed would be working again as soon as trump took office and were so clearly lied to? All the students programs the new budget cuts out–you know the ones for poor AMERICANS? All the AMERICANS with pre-existing conditions who will not be able to afford healthcare? All the AMERICAN vets that the new budget overlooks in order to strengthen the military they served? Please, oh please, tell me which fellow Americans you will be helping first. As for those who hate America and we give taxpayer money to, who are those people exactly? The ones who take advantage of our resources? So how do you figure you will determine who those people are? “Do you hate America? Yes. Then no food stamps for you.” For the love of God, undocumented immigrants (who I think you are talking about) CAN NOT receive welfare, or any other entitlement program. Research it. PLEASE. And lastly, the love of God? Really? Really? God asked of us only a few things and some of those are 1) treat others like he treats you and that is all others even if they don’t look like you, love like you or worship like you, whether they live in this country or not, 2) turn the other cheek, 3) don’t lie, steal, kill etc. His Son, you know Him, our Lord and Savior, he said “what you do to the least of these you do to me”. Do not use love of God to excuse your bigotry. Do not say you want a Christian nation, or even a God-like one if you do not want to help the poor, the sick, the less fortunate as those are the ones Jesus asks us to take care of. I am so sick of hearing people spew religious nonsense to excuse their horrid treatment of others.


Stop listening to the left wing propaganda. Included in those numbers are people not being forced to by insurance they can’t afford or don’t want. Did you cry the same blues for the people that can’t afford Obamacare? How about for those that took the fine instead of paying for crappy insurance they couldn’t use?

Elizabeth Rhys

I agree. I read the released comments that Comey will say tomorrow. As Hillary would say, it’s a big “nothingburger.” Lefties will lose their minds when this hype and hysteria of theirs amounts to nothing.


@10:54 “Real Americans” = Whites only that support the Liar-in-Chief!


I hope you get a “cheaper and better” healthcare from Mr. Trump and “huge tax cuts” and “better economy” and “better planet Earth” and “better education” HAHAHAHAHAHA LOOOL
BTW don’t you feel a shame that this illiterate chump is your president? Of course not! For that, you have to leave your village (figuratively speaking) and see the world outside your damaged fast food mind (figuratively speaking again)


Trump has a formal education! At age 13 he went to New York Military Academy. He did well at the academy, both socially and academically, rising to become a star athlete and student leader by the time he graduated in 1964. He then entered Fordham University and two years later transferred to the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, from which he graduated in 1968 with a degree in economics. FYI…I read this long before he even began running for POTUS!


Talk about illiterate. Check your grammar before you post.


you have several screws missing in your delusional mind!!!!!!

Jane Norton

It doesn’t trouble you that a foreign government (Russia) is interfering with the bedrock of our democracy – free and fair elections?


The foreign country will be dealt with but Trump has nothing g to do with what they did AND they were never able to hack the voting machines. Howanout the DNC and what they did to Bernie. You ok with that? You just want to pin Russia’s misdeeds on an innocent man. People like you trouble me.


Thank you for telling the truth, your love for our country depends on people like you.


Yeah, I live in Detroit and definitely don’t pay that much at all. Not even close. Good try though!


You voted against the globalist elite by voting for a globalist elite. Ivanka employs a sweat-shop in communist Red China for half the wage rate of other factories in the district, and the Donald outsources his products there as well, plus 38 new Chinese trademark. You’ve been conned by a con.


wish you cancer and you can no longer afford your healthcare

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