WATCH: 2 Maine Fishermen Rescue Seal From Fishing Net

Two Maine Fishermen Rescue a SealA couple of Maine fisherman rescue a seal.2017-07-16T22:28:33.000Z

Two fishermen in Maine recorded their rescue of a seal, cutting it loose from a fishing net on their boat before putting it back into the ocean. The video has gone viral due to the fact that the fishermen rescuing the seal have very thick New England accents.

During the video, one of the fisherman works a knife to cut the seal loose while his friend films. “Should we feed him?” the friend asks.

The seal barks throughout the video, but appears to understand that he’s being helped.

By the end of the video, the seal wiggles loose from the net. The fisherman that had cut him loose picks him up and says, “There you go, little fella,” before dropping him into the ocean.

The seal bobs and looks at the two men before swimming away.

Seals are found on the East Coast, and sea lions are found on the West Coast.

According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, “There are two main differences between seals and sea lions. First, sea lions have external ear flaps, while seals lack external ears. Second, sea lions are able to rotate their hind flippers which make them able to “walk” on land and be more agile. True seals are unable to rotate their hind flippers, so they inch along on their bellies when they are on land.”

Maine plays host to four seal species, including the grey seal, the harbor seal, the harp seal, and the hooded seal.

The hooded seal is vulnerable to extinction.

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