Alexander Garces: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Orlando Police Department Alexander Garces mugshot.

Alexander Garces mugshot.

A University of Central Florida student is being accused of raping a person at a fraternity party in July.

Alexander Garces, 22, has been charged with sexual battery and false imprisonment after he allegedly attacked and sexually assaulted a party guest during a UCF fraternity’s party.

The identity and gender of the victim hasn’t yet been disclosed by authorities.

Garces and another man, who hasn’t been named because he hasn’t yet been charged in the incident, allegedly took the victim into a room, where Garces forced him or her to the ground and forced them to have sex. After Garces left, the other man allegedly tried to keep the victim quiet while he attempted to rape him or her.

Here’s what you need to know about Garces:

1. The Alleged Victim Went Upstairs With Garces & Another Man Because He or She ‘Felt Comfortable’ Doing So

Alexander Garces

According to the police report, Garces, a member of UCF’s Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, was at the organization’s “New Years in July” party at its on-campus house.

According to, the victim in the incident was with friends and requested they stay nearby because he or she had been raped two years before and wanted to be protected from being put in another “bad situation.”

The victim got separated from his or her friends for some time at the party, and that’s when Garces allegedly approached the victim and asked he or she to go upstairs with a friend to a room at the frat house. The victim agreed to do so because he or she had been friends with Garces and felt comfortable doing so, the police report said.

2. Garces Allegedly Forced the Victim to Perform a Sex Act

Alexander Garces

According to the affidavit, once the three people got into the room, the other man locked the door and Garces started playing music on his cellphone as the victim sat on a couch in the room.

A few minutes after entering the room, Garces grabbed the victim by the legs, forcing him or her onto their back, the affidavit said. Once on the ground, the victim told police that Garces forced the victim to perform a sex act. To try and stop the alleged sexual assault from occurring, the victim said he or she performed oral sex on Garces, hoping it would end from there.

However, Garces allegedly continued the attack on the victim and pushed him or her to the ground while the other man walked up and took off victim’s underwear.

As Garces tried to continue the assault, the affidavit said, the victim claimed he or she punched him in the ribs and asked him, “I’ve never seen you like this before, what’s going on?”

“I’ve been raped before, I’m not about to be in a situation like this, don’t do this to me,” the victim told police he or she said.

At that point, Garces allegedly picked up his phone and left the room, leaving the other male alone in the room with the victim.

With Garces gone, police said that the other man raped the victim and put his hands on his or her face to stop them from screaming. Some time through the ordeal, the man stopped the assault and exited the room while the victim fled the house and attempted to get a ride back home.

3. Garces Has Been Suspended From the Fraternity

Alexander Garces

Alpha Tau Omega issued a statement August 8 after Garces’ arrest, saying that Garces has been suspended and it’s conducting its own investigation into the matter.

Officials with the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity learned of the police investigation on Saturday, and the chapter immediately suspended the man. ATO is conducting an internal investigation and will assist local authorities and university officials as requested. The alleged assault reportedly occurred during a July 22nd party at the chapter house. The party was approved by UCF and held in accordance to strict university guidelines.

According to WESH 2 News, UCF officers obtained surveillance video from the fraternity that shows the victim leaving the house in tears.

4. The Party Was Advertised on Social Media as ‘the Biggest of the Summer’

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Garces was arrested August 7 at the fraternity house and was arraigned the following day. WFTV reported that he told the judge at the hearing he wanted to wait for his attorney for the bond to be set, so he was due back in court the next day August 9 and was held at the jail.

The party was advertised on the fraternities’ social media accounts, but the posts have now been deleted. The “New Years in July” party was described by organizers as the “biggest on-campus party of the summer.”

The now-deleted tweet advertising for the party.

ClickOrlando interviewed UCF student Scott Reddy after the alleged incident. He said the frat parties sometimes tend to get out of control on campus, adding that something needs to be done to prevent a similar incident from happening.

5. Garces Worked as a Trainer at a Local Hospital

FacebookAlexander Garces and a friend.

According to his LinkedIn page, Garces is a health sciences major at UCF and once worked as a lab assistant at the university’s Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences. He had been seeking admission into a physician assistant program and said he expected to graduate from UCF in May 2018.

Prior to attending UCF, Garces earned his associate’s degree from the University of North Florida, his LinkedIn said.

Garces was a soccer coach for Divine Mercy Catholic Church from 2010-2013 and a group leader at Children Beyond Our Borders in 2015, where he led a group of underprivileged children through Halloween activities.

Most recently, Garces worked as a certified floor trainer for Scribe America at Florida Hospital Kissimmee and Celebration Health.