Louisiana ‘Tax Free’ Weekend 2017: Dates & What Qualifies


Louisiana’s tax free weekend is this weekend, Friday, August 4 — Saturday, August 5. But it’s not really a tax free weekend, despite what many people might think. It’s actually a tax reduction holiday. It began at 12:00 a.m. on Friday and will end Saturday at 11:59 p.m. This means the annual sales tax holiday is going on right now.

The Following Qualify for Lower Taxes in Louisiana This Weekend

This weekend, the first $2,500 in the sales price of any eligible item is going to be subject to only a 3 percent sales tax. This means that Louisiana isn’t going completely tax free, but they are offering a lower tax rate that applies to more items. The state’s sales tax rate is typically 5 percent.

The tax holiday in Louisiana is far more expansive, with many more items qualifying than in most states. Typically, a state limits qualifying items to items related to school supplies or clothing. But in Louisiana, any purchase by a consumer of “tangible personal property” qualifies, up to $2,500 per item. This means that if you bought something for $2,800, the first $2,500 would only get a 3 percent tax and the last $300 would be taxed at 5 percent.

The Following Items Do NOT Qualify This Weekend

The following items do not qualify for a lowered sales tax this weekend:

  • Any items that are being purchased for business purposes, a trade, or a profession do not qualify.
  • Vehicles subject to license and title
  • Meals that are purchased to be eaten on the premises, including to-go orders
  • Local sales taxes may still apply (the reduction only applies to state taxes)
  • Lease or rental of tangible personal property
  • Taxable services such as hotel stays, amusement park tickets, recreational and athletic admissions
  • Repairs to personal property
  • Laundry, cleaning, pressing, and dyeing services
  • Vehicle parking
  • Cold storage space
  • Printing services
  • Telecommunication services

Louisiana Has a Second Tax Holiday Sept. 1-3

  • Louisiana quickly follows up this sales tax holiday with a second one in September. But this second one is for a very different purpose. It’s a Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday. This means that eligible purchases of firearms, ammo, and hunting supplies will be exempt from local sales taxes, and subject to a state sales tax of 3 percent.

For more information, see Louisiana’s website here.

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