WATCH: Richard Hubbard III Beaten by Euclid Police Officer

Euclid police release dash cam video of "violent struggle" with Richard Hubbard IIIA video shows a struggle between two Euclid police officers and a man in a street. Euclid police say the man is Richard Hubbard III of Cleveland.2017-08-15T04:23:07.000Z

A dashcam video released by police in Euclid, Ohio shows an officer violently beating a black man during a traffic stop.

Police say they pulled over 25-year-old Richard Hubbard III for rolling through an intersection as he drove through Euclid, a Cleveland suburb on August 12. Officers searched Hubbard’s 2011 silver Hyundai for having a suspended license.

However, the traffic stop quickly turned violent, and the video of the ordeal has gone viral.

Initially, a bystander caught the incident on cell phone footage, and the police department has released the shocking video from the squad car camera August 14.

Watch the video captured by the bystander below and the dashcam footage at the top of the page.

Euclid Police Office Caught On Tape Punching An Unarmed Black Man. And This Is Not His First Time.Euclid Ohio Office caught on tape punching on a man and also handcuffs girlfriend for recording. This is what leads to a traffic stop? Found out that this isn't the first time he has put his hands on a person in that manner. To see the full dash cam and hear more about these stories…2017-08-12T21:42:38.000Z

In the bystander’s video, a child can be heard asking the woman filming, “Mommy, what are the police doing?”

The dashcam footage shows the squad car pulling Hubbard’s vehicle over. A female passenger is in the front seat. One of the officers tell Hubbard why he stopped him and tells him to step out of the car and “face away” from him.

Then, the stop turns violent. It’s not clear what exactly turned the incident into chaos, but it starts trending that way when the officer shoves Hubbard against his car and grabs him by his arms. A second officer runs in to assist his partner and the female passenger of the car exits and begins shouting.

“Look at me,” she yells to Hubbard. “Stop, please listen, just let them do what they want.”

One of the officers takes Hubbard and throws him to the concrete and follows it up by punching him several times in the head. Officers claim Hubbard was resisting arrest at that point, but the video appears to show him trying to block the punches with his arms.

One of the officers in the video says he witnesses Hubbard “reaching down,” and he tells the officers he doesn’t have a gun on him. He pleads with the female to “record” the incident, and she re-enters the car to grab her cell phone.

Hubbard is then punched in his head at least eight more times as more bystanders arrive at the scene. One bystander is heard yelling: “Look at this, he ain’t resisting.”

The incident appears to come to an end with Hubbard and the female being taken away by police.

One of the officers was reportedly treated at a nearby hospital for minor injuries. He’s believed to be officer Michael Amiott, who’s been placed on paid leave as the department investigates the incident.

Hubbard’s been charged with driving under suspension and resisting arrest. He was also examined at the Cuyahoga County Jail and posted bond.

A mugshot taken after his arrest shows Hubbard with cuts, scrapes and bruises on his face.

A GoFundMe campaign has since been set up for Hubbard.

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