Where Is Linda Tripp Now? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Linda Tripp Now

Tripp pictured at the height of the Monica Lewinsky scandal in July 1998. (Getty)

Nearly 20 years after the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, all of America is asking, “Where is Linda Tripp now?” On the night of August 9, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci tweeted that “Ryan Lizza is the Linda Tripp of 2017. People know. And he is up at night not being able to live with himself.”

In 1997, Tripp told President Bill Clinton’s special prosecutor Kenneth Starr that she had secret recordings of Monica Lewinsky. Those recordings saw Lewinsky describe, in detail, her physical relationship with the president. Tripp said that she had been advised to record the conversations by a lawyer named Lucianne Goldberg. Tripp and Lewinsky had become close after working in the Pentagon together.

Tripp said about her ordeal in 2005, “I know I’ll be a footnote to history. I’ve learned to live with that.”

Here’s what you need to know about Tripp’s whereabouts these days:

1. Tripp Was Fired From Her Pentagon Job After the Clinton Administration Ended

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In January 2001, as George W. Bush took over in the White House, CNN reported that Tripp had been fired from her job in the Pentagon. Tripp later said that she believed her firing had been a vindictive move by Clinton in the wake of the Lewinsky scandal. Though officials said that all employees such as Tripp are commonly asked for the resignations after an administration ends. Those who do not comply are fired.

Tripp had been told to resign by colleagues in the days leading up to George W. Bush taking over as president, reported the Washington Post. Tripp though refused.

At the time of her termination, Tripp was being paid $100,000 for her role in the Defense Manpower Data Center. In a statement, Tripp’s lawyers, Stephen Kohn, David Colapinto and Michael Kohn, said about the incident, “The termination of Linda Tripp is vindictive, mean-spirited and wrong.”

In 2003, Tripp settled a lawsuit with the Department of Defense for nearly $600,000. Tripp had filed the suit saying that the DOD had violated her privacy in releasing her personal information to the media.

2. Tripp Lives With Her German Architect, Who Was Her First Kiss, Husband in Virginia

Linda Tripp – New FaceIn the 90′s, the famous White House staffer underwent a huge makeover after being criticized by the media — "She was cast as a very negative figure, in addition to coming to the table with not the best aesthetics as far as her nose and chin were concerned."2013-03-27T15:50:27.000Z

In 2004, Tripp married German architect, Dieter Rausch, in a wedding that featured “no press, no TV,” according to Rausch. The couple lives together in Middleburg, Virginia. Her daughter, Allison, told People Magazine that the relationship with Rausch gave her mother “a new light and energy… It’s a good ending or maybe a new beginning.”

The same People article detailed that Tripp and Rausch knew each other when they were children. He was the next door neighbor to a relative of Tripp’s in Germany, she would visit there during her summers. When Tripp returned after her relative became ill, the pair rekindled their love.

A Tour of The Christmas Sleigh in Middleburg, VirginiaMeet Dieter, owner of The Christmas Sleigh, and take a tour his amazing store in Middleburg, Virginia.2015-12-11T21:06:00.000Z

The couple runs a holiday store called The Christmas Sleigh in Middleburg. The store sells homemade Christmas ornaments. In 2014, the store’s bad scores on Yelp became a viral sensation:


Tripp and Rausch have seven grandchildren between them as well as 16 horses. Tripp recently told the New York Post, “It’s paradise with complete autonomy and privacy, and that’s how I like it.”

Despite her ordeal with the Democratic party, Time Magazine quoted Tripp as saying very complimentary things about President Obama.

3. Tripp Has Survived Breast Cancer

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After losing her job at the Pentagon, Tripp was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following a period where Tripp got plastic surgery and a new hairstyle, the cancer took hold, reported People Magazine in 2003. When Tripp was diagnosed, she underwent an aggressive form of radiation therapy. Rausch told the magazine, “It was a very hard time but she was a fighter.”

4. Recently Tripp Said that Monica Lewinsky Was ‘Lacking a Moral Compass’

USA: CLINTON ACCUSED OF COVER-UP OVER WHITE HOUSE AFFAIREnglish/Nat U-S President Bill Clinton is accused of having an affair with a White House intern – then trying to cover it up. Clinton, who is facing a civil action alleging sexual harassment, has adamantly denied the charges and is said to be "outraged by them". The allegations have surfaced at a highly damaging time…2015-07-21T17:54:16.000Z

Earlier in August 2017, Tripp told Page Six that she felt Monica Lewinsky was “lacking a moral compass.” Tripp was being interviewed about the upcoming Amazon movie, Linda and Monica, detailing the pair’s relationship.

LINDA TRIPPLinda Tripp, Former White House Official avoids reporters outside her home—SOT Tripp "I'm a witness in a federal investigation I am not speaking to the media"/ RRAX/ Still Tripp's house/ SOT Tripp "Can you not do this please! Not now Not in the near future & I'd appreciate it if you would not con't to…2016-07-21T17:58:09.000Z

When asked who should play her, Tripp said that the studio should “check on John Goodman’s availability.” That’s a nod to Goodman’s portrayal of Tripp on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s.

Tripp made it clear that she has no intention of seeing the movie but added, “I hope [the producers] do her justice because she’s a lovely, intelligent girl – just lacking a moral compass.”

5. Scaramucci Is Maintaining that Ryan Lizza Recorded Their Infamous Conversation Without Permission

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Since leaving his short-lived job at the White House, Anthony Scaramucci has been promoting a podcast, The Motivation Inside, as well as continued to publicly back Trump. Scaramucci wrote shortly after comparing Ryan Lizza to Linda Tripp, “Yes. [Lizza] absolutely taped the call without my permission. #lowlife.” The Mooch also announced that on August 14, he will be appearing on Stephen Colbert’s talk show.