Will the World End on Saturday, September 23, 2017?

WikiMedia CommonsV838 Monocerotis, a variable star accompanied by a light echo, has been erroneously portrayed as an approaching planet or brown dwarf on a collision course with Earth.

For years, people have been warned by theorists that the end of the world is near.

We were told that on May 5, 2000, as planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn aligned, some claimed it would bring national disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and melting ice. That didn’t end up happening. Then in 2008, conspiracy theorists highlighted the Large Hadron Collider, bringing on fears that it would form a world-ending black hole. Of course, that has yet to happen.

After that, many speculated that the end of the world was destined to occur on December 21, 2012 at the end of a cycle of the Mayan calendar. However, nothing ever happened on that date.

Most recently, another theory has gained steam, and people are being told to circle Saturday, September 23, 2017 as the date the world starts its demise.

According to self-described researcher David Meade, a historic astronomical event will occur Saturday. He claims that while it won’t cause the end of the world immediately, it will lead to the destruction of Earth.

The theory Meade describes has roots dating back to the 1970s and entails a non-discovered planet named Nibiru on a collision course with Earth. It claims that it will either be a direct collision or a near miss, and certain groups have long claimed it will happen in the 21st century.

Meade told The Washington Post his belief September 23 is the day when it all starts is based off numerical codes in several Bible verses.

“Jesus lived for 33 years,” he told the newspaper. “The name Elohim, which is the name of God to the Jews, was mentioned 33 times (in the Bible). It’s a very biblically significant, numerologically significant number. I’m talking astronomy. I’m talking the Bible … and merging the two.”

Meade specified to The Post that he’s not predicting the end of the world, but instead a process would be started that could lead to the end.

“The world is not ending, but the world as we know it is ending,” Mead said to The Post. “A major part of the world will not be the same the beginning of October.”

Meade said he thinks that because September 23 will mark exactly 33 days since the total solar eclipse (August 21), it’s an omen.

So, is Meade’s theory correct? Will September 23 mark the beginning of the end for Earth?

If you’re a believer in science, the answer to that question is most likely no. The theory hasn’t been supported by any scientific evidence and has been rejected by numerous scientists and astronomers.

In a 2012 statement, NASA called anything involving Nibiru as being a “hoax.”

“Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax,” NASA said. “If Nibiru or Planet X were real and headed for an encounter with the Earth … astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye.

“Obviously, it does not exist. Eris is real, but it is a dwarf planet similar to Pluto that will remain in the outer solar system; the closest it can come to Earth is about 4 billion miles.”

NASA senior space scientist David Morrison debunked the theory in a video, saying there’s no such planet and it’s not on a collision course with Earth.

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“It would be bright, it would be easily visible to the naked eye,” Morrison said in the video. “If it were up there, you could see it. All of us could see it. … If Nibiru were real and it were a planet with a substantial mass, then it would already be perturbing the orbits of Mars and Earth. We would see changes in those orbits due to this rogue object coming in to the inner solar system.”

However, Meade’s theory isn’t the only one that claims the start of the end of the world is approaching.

The Book of Revelations Theory

The Great Sign Of Revelation 12 Appeared In 2017Please LIKE, SHARE, & SUBSCRIBE. Learn how to be saved and ready here: ccc.one/p/gospel.html This is JUST A SIGN of what's soon to come, not the event itself. We don't know when the rapture will happen. Could be this week, next week, or months from now, but we are getting CLOSE. For the record, the…2017-08-18T19:48:31.000Z

UNSEALED, an evangelical Christian publication, has a similar forecast for catastrophic events taking place on Earth. The publication predicts that around September 23, an event from the Book of Revelations events will lead to the demise of the Earth. The theory claims that prophesies from the Book of Revelation will cause massive damage over the span of a few weeks.

In Revelation 12 of the Book of Revelation, a woman is described as being “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head.” According the the excerpt, the woman gives birth to a boy who is said to “rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”

While that occurs, the woman is supposedly threatened by “an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads.” After the woman gives birth, she grew two eagle wings so she could fly to safety, away from the dragon, which is said to represent Satan and his global domination.

The way this is supposed to play out, according to UNSEALED’s Gary Ray, is with the constellation Virgo, which represents a woman.

Ray wrote that Virgo will be covered in sunlight and positioned over the moon and under exactly nine stars and three planets. Jupiter will move out of Virgo, symbolizing that the woman is giving birth to the boy described in the Revelation.

The astronomical alignment is said to lead up to the Rapture, or the moment Christians believe those who are religious will join Jesus.

So, is there any merit to UNSEALED’s claim of disastrous events taking place?

According to National Geographic, the alignment will happen at some point, though its significance “is debatable.”

“The Biblical sign depends on the number of stars in play, and even astronomers don’t agree how many stars officially make up Leo,” the National Geographic article says.

Also, the alignment isn’t that rare. For about two days every September or October, the moon passes near where the UNSEALED theory claims.

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