Mush Foods on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the All Natural Oatmeal That’s Served Cold

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Mush entered the Shark Tank with their packaged, cold oatmeal in flavors like apple crisp, vanilla bean and wild blueberry. Unlike most store-bought oatmeal, it does not undergo heat pasteurization, and has no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Their oats are not cooked, but instead, cold-soaked.

We interviewed co-founder Ashley Thompson who started the company with her coworker in finance, Katherine Thomas.

To date, they’ve already sold half a million units, or what they refer to as “pods.” You can find them in 300 places throughout Southern California, including Whole Foods and CVS as well as smaller locations like Alfred’s Coffee, La Brea in Disneyland, and Juice Served Here. They hope to one day enter into big coffee shop chains, and have additional grab-and-go foods in the works.

Here’s what else she told us about…

How the Idea Came About

Kat and I worked in finance at the same firm directly out of college. We were in different parts of the world, but the one topic we connected on was food. We both found it incredibly difficult to fuel ourselves at the desk with genuinely healthy food. Who wants to eat protein bars and yogurt every single day? Some talk of oats, a resonance in values, and our matched ambition led us to this idea. And with a leap of faith, Mush was born.

What Makes Their Oatmeal Different

Mush is so unique because it doesn’t have any added sugar, artificial flavors or colors, fillers or preservatives, and it’s never heated for pasteurization. We use an incredible technology that allows us to preserve all the nutrients in our natural ingredients and also to extend the shelf life so that it can be shipped nationally.

The 1st Recipe

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The first recipe came quickly. We had already been making our own versions of Mush at home before we even decided to team up. The recipe that we use today is what has taken so long to develop. It’s been an ever-evolving process to fine-tune what we package in those awesome Mush pods. We’ve been refining the recipes for nearly two years now.


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