WATCH: Turpin Family Update 2018 Includes Daughter’s Secret YouTube Videos

The 17-year-old daughter of David and Louise Turpin had a secret YouTube channel that she would upload videos to while she was held captive in her parents’ home. The teen can be seen singing in one video and playing with the family’s dogs in another.

According to ABC News, the teen “produced and posted self-made videos to YouTube under an alias.” The outlet also reports that the teen had an Instagram account in which she posted selfies and included “some photos of Justin Bieber.” Her most recent YouTube video was uploaded just one week before she and her siblings were saved.

While these videos and photos appear to be normal on the surface (that is, they depict a female teenager doing the same things as any other teen might), the world knows the deeper, darker story about what was going on inside the Turpin’s “house of horrors.”

The teen in the videos, whose name has not been released, was the Turpin child who was able to escape from the home and notify authorities of the unimaginable situation that had been going on in the home for several years.

Police arrived to the family’s home in Perris, California, a short while later and discovered that the children were being held against their will. Of the 13 Turpin siblings, 12 were said to be malnourished. The only Turpin child that appeared “healthy” was the couple’s 2 year old. David and Louise Turpin were arrested and have both been charged in the case. They have both entered “not guilty” pleas.

“David and Louise Turpin were each initially charged with 12 counts of torture, 12 counts of false imprisonment, seven counts of abuse of a dependent adult and six counts of child abuse. David Turpin was also charged with one count of a lewd act on a child under the age of 14 by force, fear or duress. Last month three additional charges of abuse were filed against both David and Louise Turpin and one new count of felony assault was filed against Louise Turpin,” ABC News reports.

The video below shows images from inside the Turpin’s California home. The family had been living in very dirty conditions, with feces smeared on various surfaces. Police also say that they found various shackles in the home, some tied to furniture, where it is believed David and Louise actually tied up their kids.

The Turpin children have been taken out of the home and are on the path to recovery. After they were checked out at a nearby hospital (some were hospitalized for dehydration and malnourishment), they were placed in a stable, safe environment where they began the physical and emotional healing process.

“[The kids are] starting to make plans for their future. Their minds are just being opened [to] having a choice and not being so controlled. [The young adult victims are] getting up and making the day happen for themselves, getting out of bed and deciding what they want to eat. “They’re starting from very elementary stuff, [but have] progressed very, very well,” Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel told ABC News back in February.

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Becasue that would mean breaking her anonymity, and if her parents saw the video before help arrived…


I don’t understand, if she had a phone with internet and was able to post a you tube video, why did she not try and reach out to others sooner?