Disney World’s ‘Maleficent’ Dragon Float Catches Fire During Parade

Maleficent dragon parade float catches fire at Magic KingdomThe Festival of Fantasy parade got a little extra crispy today at the Magic Kingdom when the Maleficent dragon parade float caught fire. Full story: ow.ly/tWZz30jXoxF2018-05-11T21:04:16.000Z

Millions from across the globe have witnessed the Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy parade at Disney World in Orlando.

Friday, many saw the dragon Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty catch fire.

The Orlando Sentinel reported a Disney World spokeswoman said the fire was extinguished quickly, and the area cleared. There were no injuries to employees or visitors, it was reported.

Disney World Maleficent Dragon FireFor licensing or usage, contact licensing@viralhog.com 5/11/2018 Parade Dragon caught on fire!!!!!! I brought this extinguisher to the guy to put it out…2018-05-11T19:38:19.000Z

The daily 12-minute parade has been a fixture at the theme park for the past four years.

“Celebrate the spirit of Disney as Magic Kingdom park comes alive with music and dance during a tribute to the tales of Fantasyland,” Disney’s Magic Kingdom website description reads. “…the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is a thrilling sight-and-sound spectacular that winds its way through the streets of Magic Kingdom park each afternoon.”

Here’s the procession with the fire-breathing dragon functioning properly.

Fire Breathing Maleficent Dragon: Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade 2018Fire Breathing Maleficent Dragon: Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade I was walking on Main Street in Disney and saw the coolest Dragon EVER in the middle of one of their magic parades! Check out the fire-breathing Maleficent Dragon that I saw during the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. Super cool, right?! Visit my blog: Lady…2018-04-06T13:00:00.000Z

The paper reported that Disney is investigating what went wrong. Some videos posted online show a staffer using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire on the head-bobbing dragon: “The parade soundtrack merrily continues as characters for later floats are seen dancing before being rerouted to return backstage.”

The dragon float periodically rears its head and blows fire and smoke. A Disney worker is inside its neck and the float is surrounded by costumed staff.

In addition to “Maleficent as a fire-breathing, clockwork dragon wrapped in battle with Prince Phillip and his mighty Sword of Truth,” the parade features Disney Princesses Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, Elsa and Anna, and from The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Sebastian, Peter and Wendy from Peter Pan soar aboard a pirate galleon pursued by Captain Hook, and then there’s some “high-flying fun with Mickey and Minnie in a giant hot-air balloon, plus a cavalcade of beloved Disney Characters from Pinocchio to Snow White.”

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