Did Someone Try to Kill John McAfee? He Says He’s Had Death Threats Before

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John McAfee disappeared from Twitter for a few days, only to reappear today with posts showing him in a hospital in intensive care. He said that he was unconscious for two days after someone tried to kill him by poisoning or “spiking” something he ingested. McAfee, a technology expert who has been focusing much of his recent efforts on cryptocurrency, has said before that he was concerned about assassination attempts.

McAfee wrote on Twitter: “I apologize for my three day absence but I was unconscious for two days at the Vidant Medical Center in North Carolina and just woke up. My enemies maged (sic) to spike something that i ingested. However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine. I am back.” 

He then shared pictures, proving he was in the hospital:


He wrote on Twitter: “And for those who did this – You will soon understand the true meaning of wrath. I know exactly who you are. Youh (sic) had better be gone.”

McAfee has had concerns about his safety before. In February 2018, McAfee was scheduled to be one of the headline speakers at the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain Super Conference in Dallas. He did show up and speak, but at one point his name was not on the schedule and rumors were rampant about what was going on. Derek Dwilson, a conference attendee, reported on what was happening at the time. A number of additional expected speakers also did not show up, which led some people to be concerned that the program had misled people. But it turned out that McAfee didn’t want his name on the schedule because he was concerned about his safety. He ended up giving a great speech and talked to people outside of the conference venue too. Dwilson wrote from the conference: “Now, to put this in context, John McAfee was billed as a speaker at this conference but is now absent from all the materials. UPDATE: John McAfee showed up and gave a pretty good talk. Word has it that he was concerned about safety if his speaking time was published beforehand.”

I also attended the same conference (in the interest of transparency, Derek Dwilson is my husband.) I heard specifically at the time that McAfee was concerned about assassination attempts, but I was unable to verify this with McAfee himself. During his speech at the conference, McAfee mentioned that people were coming against him because of his work in cryptocurrency. “Our weapon (cryptocurrency) is a mathematical certainty. We’ll succeed,” he said during his speech. But, he added: “Everything I attempt to do, with seriousness, the world smacks me on head with a hammer.”

After his speech, McAfee tweeted that he believed he would one day be singled out as a scapegoat and punished:

At this time, however, it’s not known what caused McAfee to be in the hospital, if doctors have confirmed he was poisoned, or who the suspects may be.

McAfee later tweeted that had has survived 11 assassination attempts. He wrote the following. (Note: profanity is in the tweet below.)

One person questioned whether the claim was true and another responded:

He later said on Twitter that he knew who made the attempt, but was not going to publicly name the person.

McAfee, 72, founded the antivirus company McAfee Associates in 1987 and resigned from the company in 1994. In November 2012, Fox News reported, McAfee was listed as a person of interest in the murder of Gregory Viant Faull, one of his neighbors. Fearing for his life, McAfee left Belize and was later arrested in Guatemala and deported to the U.S. McAfee has said that he was not involved in Faull’s death and in 2016 he reiterated that he was willing to testify, as long as he didn’t have to go to Belize. Belizean police did not appear to be pursuing the case as of 2014. McAfee’s island home burned down under suspicious circumstances in 2013, and the Belize police seized and auctioned his assets, CNN reported. In November 2017, McAfee said that he believed the Belize government wanted to assassinate him because he “hacked in and stole information,” Daily Mail reported. This was after an incident in Tennessee in September, when he thought he heard intruders in his home and he grabbed his gun and began firing. He said that he and his wife, Janice, life in constant fear of his assassination. Belize authorities have denied these claims.

In 2016, he ran for President but was not chosen to be the Libertarian Party’s nominee. He has said that he plans to run again in 2020, but is unsure if he will seek the Libertarian’s nomination or start his own party.

This is a developing story.

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