Morgan Judy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

morgan judy

Greene County Sheriff\'s Department Morgan Judy

Morgan Judy, a substitute teacher and cheerleading coach for two different schools in Indiana, is accused of child seduction with a student after inviting the student to a party via Twitter.

The allegations were lodged by the Greene County Sheriff’s Department. Judy, 23, who is from Bloomfield, Indiana, was but the latest in a string of female teachers to be accused of sexual crimes with a student. You can see some other examples later in this article. It’s not long ago that Morgan Judy was creating college websites devoted to preparing for a teaching career.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Authorities Accuse Judy of Inviting the Student to a Party Over Twitter

morgan judy

Morgan Judy

The Greene County Daily World newspaper obtained a police affidavit in the case that accuses Morgan Judy of inviting “the student to a party through the social networking site Twitter.” The student’s age is not clear.

“(Student) advised while at the party, (student) and Morgan Judy kissed, but did not have sex,” the affidavit read, according to Daily World. “Later, Morgan was confronted about (student) admitting to kissing, Morgan replied that she didn’t remember due to the alcohol, but would have remembered if she and (student) had sex. Morgan said she probably did invite (student) to the party,” the affirdavit read, according to the newspaper.

2. Judy Worked at Two Schools in Bloomfield, Indiana & Was Planning to Be a Social Studies Teacher

Morgan Judy had worked at two Indiana schools, serving as “the Bloomfield Cheerleading Coach and as a full-time substitute at Linton-Stockton High School,” Daily World reports. A 2017 Linton-Stockton High School newsletter describes Morgan Judy as a teacher’s assistant.

“My name is Morgan Judy and I just graduated from Indiana University Bloomington this past spring,” the newsletter says. “I’m originally from Bloomfield and currently am coaching cheerleading over there. I plan on being a social studies teacher after getting my licensure but for now, I am the full time substitute/instructional aid here at Linton Stockton High School.” An old LinkedIn page says she was a student at Indiana University from 2013-2017.

WBIW-TV reports that she is facing charges “of child seduction by a child care worker with sexual intercourse or other sexual conduct with a child and child seduction child by a care worker engaging in fondling or touching a child 16-17 years old.”

Judy’s Facebook page has been deleted. An old Twitter page is still up that appears to date to her high school years. It has photos with a boyfriend, of a prom dress, and showing cheerleading formations.

3. Judy Is Accused of Writing the Student a Message About ‘Hickeys’ & Enjoys Seeing ‘the Smile on a Child’s Face’ During Teaching

In one of the more incendiary allegations, Morgan Judy is accused in the affidavit of telling the student “not to tell anyone the ‘hickeys’ were from her and that she had ‘huge hickeys’ on her neck,” Daily World reports.

She also advised the student to tell others she was “incoherent and couldn’t even speak a straight sentence lol,” the newspaper says the affidavit alleges. “The student allegedly stated they did more than kiss,” Daily World reports the police affidavit alleged. “Judy later admitted to kissing the student in another interview, but denied other allegations.”

Authorities had been investigating the matter for about a month.

On an old website she appears to have created in college, Morgan Judy wrote, “Hello, my name is Morgan Judy. I graduated from Bloomfield High School and I’m currently attending Indiana University where I plan to receive a bachelor degree in Social Studies Secondary Education. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher because I believe it is a job that is rewarding. To see the smile on a child’s face after it finally clicks, is a great reward to be apart of. I wanted to teach social studies because I’m very passionate about history and all the aspects that go into it. I think it’s important that we understand our history and why it happened and that’s why I want to teach it. I want to teach students how important it is to understand their history and how they are who they are today because of history. I think it is also important to use every resourceful tool to help teach your students, including using technology. With this generation of children, they are far advanced in technology and us as teachers must keep up with them. I think using technology in class engages the students more and they want to learn. It makes learning exciting and the children will much more interactive. I think all the things that I have listed are important qualities a teacher must have in order to be successful not only for their career but for their students futures as well.” She created a sample teacher’s website on the page and created an assignment on World War II.

“My goal is to teach high school history at an elite school where I can share my passion of history with students who are eager to learn and apply to real world lessons,” the site explained.

4. Judy Is Accused of Admitting That Her Conversations With the Student ‘Looked Bad’

According to WBIW, Morgan Judy “admitted to police she had deleted all conversations with the student on her cell phone saying it looked bad.”

Jail records show that she is now out of custody.

Morgan Judy was a high school athlete. According to the Greene County Daily World, she played on the high school tennis team in 2010. You can see a photo here. She was also among high school cheerleaders who put up a pink memory tree at the local courthouse while in high school.

5. Multiple Female Teachers in the United States Have Ended Up in Trouble With the Law for Alleged Sex Offenses

Female teacher sex

Female teachers accused of sex crimes in the U.S.

Female teachers or educational professionals ending up in mugshots has become a too common phenomenon over the past few years. Kayla Sprinkles was one of the latest. Haley Reed, a high school choir director, was accused in the rape of a student. Miranda Pauley, a former biology teacher, was accused of taking indecent liberties with a minor.

Cassandra White, an English teacher in Oklahoma, was even accused of taking out a marriage license with a teenage boy. Hunter Day, an Oklahoma teacher, was accused of sending nude photos to a student. Among other recent cases: Loryn Barclay, a former substitute teacher at a Missouri High School, was accused of having sexual contact multiple times with a 17-year-old boy. Shawnetta Reece, a gym teacher from Georgia, was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old boy.

Tracy Miller, a West Virginia teacher, was accused of sending nude photos to students. Nataly Lopez, a 27-year-old former substitute teacher at a middle school in New Jersey, was accused of having sexual contact with a student. Lindsey Jarvis, a 27-year-old middle school teacher’s aide, was accused of the rape and sodomy of a student who was under the age of 16. Jarvis was arrested in Fayette County, Kentucky, on June 16. Then there’s Laura Ramos. She is a 31-year-old Connecticut high school teacher who is accused of having sex with a special education student. And there’s Tiffany Geliga.