Aeromexico Plane Crash: Multiple Injuries Reported

Aeromexico has tweeted that one of their planes had an accident near Durango on the afternoon of July 31. The Durango State Governor Jose R. Aispuro also confirmed the accident at Guadalupe Victoria Airport. The governor said that there was no official number on how many people have been injured. There are no deaths reported in the crash. There were 97 passengers on board, in addition to four flight crew, according to Mexican Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Gerardo Ruiz Esparza. The plane has a capacity of 190.

Channel 10’s Zujey Luna reported that a nearby hospital is braced to receive 80 injury victims. A brief Twitter statement from the airline read, “We are working to collect additional information and provide more details as soon as they are available and confirmed. Our priority is to ensure the safety of the customers and crew on board and we are working for it.”

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El Financiero reports that an initial working theory is that the plane collided with something that caused the crash. While Reuters reports that some passengers were seen walking from the scene of the crash to a nearby highway.

Flight Radar Durango Aeromexico plane crash

Flight Radar

According to Flight Radar, the flight was AM2431 that departed Durango on time at 3:09 p.m. and was due to land in Mexico City 4:50 p.m. The crash occurred around five minutes into the flight.

Durango is located in the northwest of Mexico. Its capital is Victoria de Durango.

The last incident involving an Aeromexico plane occurred in May 2017 when Flight 642, a Boeing-737-800, hit a truck at Los Angeles International Airport with two people being seriously injured. All of the injured people were traveling in the truck, which was bringing passengers to another airline. There were no injuries among the 149 people on board the Aeromexico plane.