WATCH: Ashton Hess Attacked in Seattle Over MAGA Hat

Ashton Hess video

Twitter/Ashton Hess Ashton Hess pictured on his Twitter page.

Ashton Hess is the MAGA hat wearing teenager who was attacked on the streets of Seattle. Hess posted a video on July 18 showing Hess in the Emerald City. Two people can be seen yelling expletives at Hess while telling him to get out of Seattle. Hess then asks a person off screen if he can have his hat back. The hat is a Make America Great Again baseball cap. The person tells Hess that she spat on the hat. Hess calls it “disgusting,” the person reminds him that he can wash the hat.

Hess posted an image of the hat in the lead-in to the video. That picture is captioned, “Thank you liberals.” Here is the video in its entirety:

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Twitter user @3thanshane has claimed to be one of the people accosting Hess. Hess tweeted a Washington state law at @3thanshane writing, “In WA, a person commits the crime of assault in the fourth degree, by hitting, touching, or attempting to injure another; or intentionally placing another in fear of injury by some physical act.”

According to Hess’ Twitter page, he lives in O’Fallon, Illinois. Sandy Hook truther Alex Jones tweeted in support of Hess, writing on Twitter, “High School student @HessAshton is assaulted by radical non-binary Trump hater in Seattle. Had his has stolen, spat on, and was told he wasn’t welcome. When do @RepMaxineWaters and @TheDemocrats start taking responsibility for this? Hopefully before it escalates, but I doubt it.” InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson also tweeted in support of Hess saying, “Seattle is a shithole. And this is why Trump will win again.”

Hess later posted a clip showing him throwing his MAGA hat in the trash:

Hess notes that he is waiting for his new hat to arrive. ABC News reported a few days before this incident that Make America Great Hats were likely to undergo an increase in price to trade tariffs that Donald Trump as enforced on China.

Hess is an honor roll student at O’Fallon Township High School where he also runs track.

The other videos on Hess’ YouTube channel show him at a March for Our Lives event in March 2018 in O’Fallon:

Conservative Students Talk Gun Control with Liberal Students at March For Our LivesDon't forget to watch our other video about attending the march! We're happy that some productive conversation was possible among the students, considering all the hate we received from the vast majority of marchers. If there are any students in the O'Fallon IL area that would like to sit down and have a debate/talk politics…2018-03-28T01:37:47.000Z

CONSERVATIVE Students Take a STAND at March For Our Lives (Outnumbered and Intimidated)My friends and I joined the March For Our Lives in O'Fallon IL. We respect the 2nd amendment and wanted to go in order to protest gun violence. Although we all want the same result, there is disagreement of how we get there. We went to represent the pro-gun side of this argument. We tried…2018-03-25T18:27:38.000Z

In March 2016, Hess was pictured by the O’Fallon Weekly casting a vote for Donald Trump in a mock election at his high school. Hess’ Twitter activity centers around conservative politics. The teen regularly retweets messages from conservative media icons Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro. Hess has also tweeted in support of overturning Roe v Wade. On July 10, Hess wrote, “Please overturn Roe v. Wade. Also, “reproductive rights” is a funny way to say the right to cut up a human life into pieces and then remove it from the womb.” Hess has tweeted his video at far-right media figures Steven Crowder and Gavin McInnes.

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This incident comes two weeks after 16-year-old Hunter Richard was accosted at a fast food restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, over his Make America Great Again had. Kino Jimenez, 30, was arrested and accused of stealing Richard’s hat.