Dog Saves Owner from Rattlesnake Attack, Becomes a Hero

Todd the Dog

Facebook A puppy has been labeled a hero after being bitten by a rattlesnake which was targeting his owner.

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and species, as proven by Todd the Golden Retriever. Todd’s owner Paula Godwin decided to treat her dogs to a hike in Anthem, Arizona, when she nearly stepped on a rattlesnake that was lurking on the hiking trail. The rattlesnake reared back and went to strike Godwin, but her faithful pup jumped in harm’s way, taking the full force of attack.

Todd ended up suffering a serious bite on his snout. Godwin rushed Todd to a local animal hospital where he was treated for the bite.

Godwin wrote on Facebook: “So this morning was up bright and early to go on a hike on 7 th street carefree . It was a beautiful morning but as we were walking down the hill I literally almost stepped on a mf rattlesnake. But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me He jumped right in front of my leg were I surely would have got bit. This is what a hero looks like ?? please say a little prayer for my sweet hero.”

Godwin provided an update on Todd’s condition Sunday, saying her pup is healing from the attack. She also thanked concerned followers, writing, “Your kindness and support is truly a blessing.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help assist other pet owners that face threats of similar injuries in the area, which is known to have an abundance of venomous snakes and reptiles.

The page reads: “Sweet puppy Todd saved his owner Paula from being bit by a rattlesnake. At less than a year old, brave Todd jumped on and tried to tackle the snake before it hit his momma Paula. Todd showed great bravery at less than a year old. We are raising money on Todd’s behalf to provide help to other dog and owners around the valley who may need help with paying bills for anti venom as in this case!”

The fundraiser has risen $280 of the $500 goal as of Monday morning. Godwin states that the fundraiser is not specifically for Todd, but to help others in need.

Godwin also posted several pictures of Todd after the attack, including pictures of the pup wearing a little white cape that has a paw print and reads “this is my cape,” as well as pictures of Todd as tiny puppy and a video tribute to her little hero.

Twitter was alight with tributes to Todd’s bravery, with many users reminding the world how much humans don’t deserve the unwavering love and loyalty that dogs so willingly give.

“We don’t deserve dogs,” one user stated, while another stated “dogs are the best people.” Several users repeated the idea that humans don’t deserve the love of a dog, and wished Todd a speedy recovery.

Ross A Fiorani wrote: “That dog is the GREAT HERO by getting bitten instead of his owner. He deserves steak tips to be added to his Puppy, Dog Chow meal wkly.”

Many users spoke of how happy they were that Todd survived, as many pets don’t make it after a rattlesnake attack.

In the words of user Lewdicolo: “What a heckin brave doggo.” Todd is definitely one of the bravest “puppers” to grace the internet this Monday morning.

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